Good Tweet

John Cook · 06/21/13 01:41PM

"Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does," - Jean-Paul Sartre

Obama's Camus-dy Moment in Op-Ed on Haiti

Foster Kamer · 01/16/10 03:15PM

Obama's upcoming Newsweek editorial ("Why Haiti Matters") is online. Near the end: "In the aftermath of disaster, we are reminded that life can be unimaginably cruel....That "time and chance" happen to us all." He could've just ended it there. [Newsweek]

Studies About Happiness Fail to Make Us Happy

Rebecca · 03/20/08 02:03PM

We humans are a fickle bunch. Take Eliot Spitzer: besides the receding hairline, the guy had everything going for him. And yet he threw it all away to make the career of some hot piece of Jersey trash. And we're always trying to figure out what makes us happy. There all always studies coming out about how religion makes us happy, how cats help your heart and whether cigarettes can do anything for your psyche. And that's just this week's batch of articles. Cigarettes, sex, and meaningless studies aren't doing it for us apparently. So what does make us happy?