Here Is Video of a Pressure-Cooker Bomb Exploding, and Here Is Who Knows How to Build Them

Adam Weinstein · 04/16/13 02:20PM

An unnamed FBI official has told CBS News that at least one of the explosive devices detonated in Boston yesterday appears to have been improvised from a conventional pressure-cooker. Unnamed law enforcement officials don't exactly have the strongest record of credibility in the immediate aftermath of events like these, but federal authorities are well-acquainted with this type of IED.

Bomb Detonation in Germany Was Totally Anti-Climactic

Lauri Apple · 12/04/11 03:09PM

About 45,000 people evacuated Koblenz, Germany this weekend so that experienced detonators could safely defuse two World War II-era bombs that have been hanging out in the Rhine all these years, threatening their lives. Sounds dramatic, doesn't it? Yet as far as drama and action goes, the operation was completely underwhelming.

Pipe Bomb Lady Seems Really Upbeat

Lauri Apple · 09/20/11 08:19AM

After being robbed of $400 in a drug deal, the mother of Cassondra Marie Rassi—the smiling woman whose mugshots you see here—decided to retaliate against the alleged dealer-thief by building a pipe bomb and blowing up the person's car.

What Did This Homeless Woman Plan to Do With Her Grenade?

Lauri Apple · 05/21/11 03:47PM

Did Renee Deshaies of Mesa, Arizona enter a local Dairy Queen and "threaten" employees with the grenade she supposedly found lying around in a park? Or did she just "show" the grenade, as if to say, "Whoa look, grenade! Weird. Anybody know what I should do with this?"

These Plants Can Detect Bombs

Max Read · 01/27/11 03:10AM

A University of Colorado biologist working with the Pentagon is developing plants that can detect bombs. Yes: Terrorism-fighting plants that change color in the presence of certain chemicals. The 21st century is wild, isn't it?

Possibly Explosive Hostage Situation in VA. Post Office

Adrian Chen · 12/23/09 10:20PM

As many as five hostages are currently being held by a gunman in a Post Office in Wytheville, Va. Shots were fired, and the gunman is thought to have five pounds of plastic explosive strapped to his chest. [NYT] Update: