CBS to Finally Put Some Gay Characters On Their Network

Richard Lawson · 07/28/10 11:57AM

The Eye, recently slammed by GLAAD for the second year in a row for having exactly zero LGBT characters on any of their shows, has decided to rectify their big gay problem. Three queer characters will be introduced next season.

Dad Lorenzo Outs Shayne Lamas As The Reality TV Famewhore She Truly Is

Seth Abramovitch · 04/22/08 12:00PM

In just the four short weeks since we last checked in with dandiest Bachelor ever Matt Grant, the British export has managed to whittle down his harem of colonial concubines to three. Not surprisingly, Shayne Lamas, the needy-but-hot, questionably motivated heir to the Lamas Family acting dynasty, is still in the running, earning her a coveted family visit on last night's episode.