abalk · 09/28/07 01:50PM

By now you've probably seen that "I will blow you for Genesis tickets" Craigslist post that's burning up the internets. You've probably thought, "This cannot be real." Well, of course it isn't . But the writer is someone close to home. [CBITC]

Do The "Dirty Hipster"

abalk · 09/28/07 11:10AM

Tuesday found our Alex Goldberg in "some Williamsburg warehouse" for aggressively-abbreviating arts organization LVHRD's Master-Disaster DNCHRD III: VNYL DJ competition. Alex was taken by the moves of this particularly mobile hipster.

Why Pownce is so popular

Owen Thomas · 07/16/07 05:12PM

Since Friday, I've been going around telling friends that "Pownce is the new pink," which is really my way of avoiding the burden of explaining Digg founder Kevin Rose's new startup toy. But since I've been mocked by my staff at and misheard by my friends, I might as well explain myself — and Pownce, while I'm at it. Here's what Pownce is — and isn't: