Becoming More Than Dad

Jozen Cummings · 06/15/14 10:30AM

Pop taught me how to play catch and swing a bat. Soon after, he signed me up for little league, and then signed himself up to manage my team. Teammates called him Coach Richard, but to my sister and I he was always Pop. That was how our mother referred to him in the beginning of their relationship, after learning Pop was the nickname Richard was given during his days as an air traffic controller. She meant it as a term of endearment; my sister and I meant it as a title. Pop was our way of calling Richard dad without actually using the word.

Wendy Davis' Daughters Tell Conservative Critics to Back the Hell Off

Adam Weinstein · 01/28/14 04:01PM

Wendy Davis is running for governor of Texas as a Democrat. Wendy Davis vaulted to fame for filibustering anti-abortion bills. Right-wing partisans call Wendy Davis "Abortion Barbie" and intimate that she's a gold-digger. Wendy Davis also has two daughters, and they say you can shut the fuck up now, please.

What My Mother’s Death Taught Me About Life

Tanja Pajevic · 12/21/13 01:50PM

Eight days after I buried my mother, I learned that she was considered indigent in the state of Colorado. This, above all else, broke my heart. Somehow, the knowledge that my mother was officially poor erased all the progress we’d made in the second half of her life—poof—just like that. There we were again, in the mid '80s, after my father left us, bankrupted his company and tried to bring us down with him. My mother and I hunkering down while she tried to fight him in court, garnish his wages. Me, working one, two and then three jobs during high school, shape-shifting on a daily, if not hourly, basis.

What Crazy Things Are Your Relatives Saying?

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 11/28/13 02:12PM

It's that time again. You're all gathering in homes across the country to converge on a dead bird (or vegan substitute for cousin Sparrow) and discuss what you've done, where you've been, and whether ObamaCare/HAARP will destroy civilization as we know it.

In Defense of Your Racist Sexist Uncle

Adam Weinstein · 11/27/13 04:30PM

We are a nation divided, and we are antsy about inviting those divisions into our homes, on the nuclear level, as we connect with our families for holiday feasts.

Emma Carmichael · 12/28/12 04:00PM

A new law in China requires that adult children visit their elderly parents "often," or risk being sued by them. Awww.

Oprah Needs to Have a Couch Chat with Herself About Her Crazy Family

Caity Weaver · 07/10/12 01:57PM

While Oprah Winfrey may seem, like an endless forest or a mighty river, to be something that always has been and always will be, it turns out she actually does have parents. One of them is getting divorced. His second wife says he tried to kill her.

Jimmy Kimmel's Mom Was 'Very Sadistic' And Kind of Messed Up

Ryan Tate · 02/02/12 07:49PM

Jimmy Kimmel went on fellow comic Marc Maron's podcast-slash-psychotherapy-couch WTF to talk about his unusual career path. But he couldn't resist taking his famously neurotic host on a detour into some of his family issues, including the "very sadistic" mom who used to make him pay her begging homage and who pretended she was dead to make him cry.