Finally, a Trailer For Furious 7

Dayna Evans · 11/01/14 03:10PM

Furious 7, the seventh movie in the near-perfect Fast and Furious film franchise, premiered today at a worldwide streamable event appropriately titled "The Road to Furious 7," featuring interviews and goofing off from the movie's cast members who are all best friends and family, forever and ever.

Jon Stewart Dissects More Fox News Hypocrisy Over Fast and Furious

Matt Toder · 06/26/12 10:38PM

It's no surprise that the pundits on the right are going after Obama over Fast and Furious and his executive order but their continued outlandish hypocrisy over the issue has really drawn the ire of Jon Stewart. On tonight's Daily Show, he continued to pound home the right's—Fox News' in particular—hypocritical stance on the issue.

The GOP Is Unbelievably Full of Shit on Executive Privilege

John Cook · 06/22/12 02:35PM

The Fox News wing of the Republican Party (which is to say, the Republican Party), has concluded that Barack Obama is a 21st Century Richard Nixon because he conjured a dreaded, wicked trick called executive privilege to cover up his manifest crimes. Hey, only Republicans are allowed to do that!

ATF Director Removed After Botched Gun-Tracking Operation

Jim Newell · 08/30/11 03:03PM

The Obama administration picked a quiet late-summer day to finally remove acting ATF director Kenneth Melson over the botched "Fast and Furious" operation that ultimately put assault rifles into the hands of criminals along the border. Melson wasn't fired though — merely relocated to a new Justice Department job. This is a great "win" for the NRA!

A Deadline for the Globe, A Columnist Gets the Boot

cityfile · 04/06/09 11:19AM

• The New York Times Co. says it will shut down the Boston Globe within a month unless the paper's unions agree to $20 million in concessions. [BN]
• Fox News gossip columnist Roger Friedman got axed after he reviewed a pirated version of Fox's new X-Men movie, Wolverine. [DHD, NYT]
Vanity Fair is scrapping its annual "green issue." [Independent]
• Michelle Obama may be beloved by the media world, but she isn't a sure thing when it comes to selling magazines on newsstands, apparently. [AdAge]
Playboy's former fashion director is suing the mag for discrimination. [NYP]
• Hearst's Country Living is launching a line of products. [MW]
• Michael Crichton died last November, but two more novels by the best-selling author will be published over the next year and a half. [NYT]
Eliot Spitzer was on the Today show this morn, in case you missed it. [Jossip]
Fast & Furious was No. 1 at the box office this past weekend. [THR]