Insurers Will Soon Be Required to Cover Birth Control

Jim Newell · 08/01/11 02:39PM

The Obama administration announced on Monday that health insurance plans must cover birth control with no copays, among other reproductive health care services, as preventative care for women. The requirement will apply to health care plans beginning on or after August 1, 2012. The announcement comes just a month after Health and Human Services released a recommendation that sought to expand preventative services for women under Obama's health care law.

There's a Pretty Decent Chance Your Meds Are Killing You Somehow

Hamilton Nolan · 06/27/11 04:08PM

Abortion bans! Mouse hemophilia! Diabetes growth! Botox alternative! HIV testing! Undercover patients! Drug warnings! Weight loss! And having AIDS just got a little harder! It's your Monday Health Watch, where we watch your health—dangerously!

New Cigarette Warning Labels Nasty, But not Nasty Enough

Hamilton Nolan · 06/21/11 08:45AM

The FDA's main plan to getting Americans to give up the vile weed "tobacco" is to put increasingly nasty photos in increasingly prominent places on cigarette packs, until it simply becomes too socially awkward for anyone to carry around cigarettes. This will not work. But it's entertaining to watch the process! "Entertaining" meaning "nasty."

The FDA's Guidelines for Eating Maggots

Maureen O'Connor · 05/18/11 01:37PM

Looking for new ways to stymy your appetite? Try the FDA's Food Defect Action Levels Handbook, a great new diet book guide for food distributors and inspectors. It details exactly how many maggots a comestible good may contain before it gets banned for "aesthetic" reasons, i.e., "being too icky."

Hand Sanitizers Will Not Save You From the Coming Plague

Seth Abramovitch · 04/21/11 12:40AM

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a caveat today, reminding consumers that any hand sanitizer or antiseptic product claiming to be effective against antibiotic-resistant infection is telling you a Bald. Faced. Lie.

Menthol's Future Is Looking Brighter

Hamilton Nolan · 01/06/11 12:23PM

A new FDA rule will force tobacco companies to disclose any changes they've made to their wicked products in the last four years. Hassle! Interference! Big government out of flavor country! But there is some great news for Newport smokers.

Mammograms Are for Losers

Hamilton Nolan · 09/23/10 02:30PM

Unlimited health care! Avandia outlawed! Mammograms dismissed! MS pills! Safe sex banned! Fat Canadians! Overweight college girls! And scary AIDS facts! It's your Thursday Health Watch, where we watch your health—while eating and sexing, all at once!

You Could Be Eating This 'Frankenfish' in 18 Months

Max Read · 08/26/10 01:47AM

Hey, America: Time to get excited! Why? Because a year and a half from now you could be eating the very first genetically-modified animal approved for public consumption: The AquAdvantage® salmon! Assuming it passes the approval process, which began Wednesday.

FDA: Don't Worry About Chemical Dispersants and Gulf Seafood

Jeff Neumann · 08/07/10 01:10PM

Now that BP's oil well is plugged, government scientists can start looking at what 1.8 million gallons of the chemical dispersant Corexit did to the environment, and seafood in the Gulf of Mexico. The FDA says don't sweat it!