Hippie Tits Save Animals, Patriarchy

Ryan Tate · 03/27/08 03:21AM

Remember the Vegan strip club in Portland we wrote about Monday? Well, the Times went town on the story in Styles today, snagging a photo inside the for-sale club, finding an LA girl band called the Vegan Vixens who sing about the joys of pleather and pointing out that punky porno outfit the Suicide Girls helped PETA make an anti-fur ad campaign (pictured). "Sexuality is what society will turn its head for more than anything else," PETA's president told the Times. Predictably, not all hemp-wearers are thrilled to see women exploited for the faint hope of getting meat-eating oglers to stop eating steak and so forth:

Classy Ladies: We're On to Your Drinking Problem

Sheila · 03/17/08 04:23PM

"They're smart, successful professionals who never miss a day's work - the very opposite of the image of the problem drinker," writes London's Telegraph in an article about functional alcoholics. The real question remains: are you one? Delightfully, the amount of alcohol their subjects consume each week — all successful lady professionals, have we mentioned that? — is broken down into an easy-to-read daily booze diary. See how you measure up!

Hillary Bakes With the Devil In the Pale Moon Light

Pareene · 02/29/08 10:10AM

During Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential run, he was accused by Democratic rival Jerry Brown of funneling money through his wife's law firm. Hillary Rodham Clinton, responding to the charges by affirming that her business was one she took seriously, famously said, "You know, I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession, which I entered before my husband was in public life." That quote, replayed endlessly, debated in columns across the country, was one of the first Hillary Clinton missteps seized upon by Republicans as proof that Hillary was a terrifying, corrupt, ball-crushing feminazi bitch. All this is a pretend-think-y historical intro to two funny Hillary Clinton photos, btw. One of which, above, is on her campaign site right now, in an inexplicably SPLOID-esque (or lolcat-esque) sans-serif-text-on-odd-image thumbnail. The other is on top of Drudge, and it's below.

Atoosa Goes to the OB-GYN

Sheila · 02/22/08 03:43PM

Former Seventeen editor/current self-styled Alpha Kitty Atoosa Rubenstein holds court from her gynecologist's office, sitting on the table while discussing celebrity baby pictures with her husband. The 'Toos is preggers! The video is total blogbait, but it's also a total tease—we don't even get to see them stick the speculum in! We bring you completely SFW screengrabs to peruse while asking, what the fuck was she thinking?

Tyra and Friends Bravely Burn Bras While Wearing Other Bras

Richard Lawson · 02/21/08 03:17PM

Loopy, possibly bewigged former model and current TV juggernaut Tyra Banks may has a confuse. Today's episode of her self-titled talk show is all about breasts and bras; finding the right bras, getting rid of the wrong ones, and all that empowering stuff. The centerpiece of the episode seems to be some sort of bra bonfire in which Tyra and her audience members gather, hobo-like, 'round a flaming trash can and toss their old bras in to burn burn burn. Did Tyra see a picture of Feminism once and mistakenly take it as instructions for bra disposal? I don't know. She is always confusing, but rarely more so than today. I guess I just don't know much about bras. Nor does Alex Pareene, who could only offer the insight that they are burning bras while wearing other ones. Also, I managed to spell Sheila's name wrong. Boys! Video after the jump.

Newsflash: Male Ego Large, Unwieldy for Such Small Brain

Sheila · 02/01/08 03:02PM

Did you know? Men usually over-state how smart they are, and women often dumb themselves down. Not like we needed a study to believe this, but at least it's now a scientific fact. In the Belfast Telegraph, What Makes Women Happy author Fay Weldon pontificates on this in what we can only call a jumblefuck. Or as Salon put its, "another bassackward, barely intelligible diatribe on one of [Weldon's] favorite topics: how women should adapt to men's sexism."

Target To Bloggers: You Don't Matter In Life

Maggie · 01/17/08 11:59AM

Silly Target. It seems some bloggers are a tad vexed over the department store giant's new advertisement (also giant, and in Times Square) featuring a young woman in a spread-eagled position over the company's logo. One of them sent a letter to Target complaining about what she sees as the predominant depiction of women in marketing campaigns arranged in, well, vag-evoking poses. How did the fifth largest retailer in America respond?

"Contradictions Speckle The Landscape, Like Ingrown Hairs After A Bad Bikini Wax"

Emily Gould · 12/27/07 11:30AM

I had been meaning to read 'The Female Thing' ever since it got enthusiastic but skeptical lady-peer reviews. Recentlyish, it came out in paperback and I bought it and put it into my carry-on! I don't know about you, but I read books like this as a sort of booster shot, a quick medicinal jolt that reactivates my feminist—um—consciousness. So when they're not actually painful to wade through I find myself recommending them overenthusiastically, the way you would a good doctor with a short waiting-room line. Read it, it's good for you!

Emily Gould · 12/07/07 03:15PM

Princeton is committed to helping its students stay unpregs! The university has responded to the skyrocketing cost of birth control pills by offering a subsidy program that allows students to pay just $6 a month, as opposed to up to $50. (The rising cost of birth control is part of an evil government scheme.) {Feminist Daily News]

Emily Gould · 12/06/07 05:10PM

"I think the characters [in 'Knocked Up'] are sexist at times, but it's really about immature people who are afraid of women and relationships and learn to grow up. If people say that the characters are sexist, I say, yeah, that's what I was going for in the first part of the movie, and then they change," director Judd Apatow told New York mag's Vulture blog. Okay but that's kind of besides the point because 'Knocked Up,' is so fully sexist, not because its male characters say immature and demeaning things about women, but because all the women in it are portrayed as one-note, unfunny, vain, self-absorbed hormonal crazies. It's also a hilarious movie, so you know, whatever.

I Feel Bad About Your Earlobes, Butt, Stomach, and Ill-Fitting Bra (This Week)

Sheila · 12/05/07 03:00PM

Since Monday, NYC women have been assaulted by a clusterfuck of articles pointing out our possible body inadequacies—more than usual, actually! In fact, it's utterly confusing for us gals to figure out which flaw to hate the most. Has femiladyism taken a step backward, or is this just what inevitably happens right before the December glut of top ten lists hits next week?

Real Adult Women Still Want To Be Disney Princess Brides

JonLiu · 11/19/07 04:10PM

In the great "these things go together" corporate tradition of LVMH, Disney has created a $4 billion "Princess" division "almost by accident" to combine the considerable assets of Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, and Ariel. ("Pocahontas and Mulan are usually kicked off the throne. Disney says that's because their 'qualities' are different from the others..." Right.) The story would ho-hummly end there if this were just about little-girl economies of scale, but no, as Disney exec Jim Calhoun says, "We want women to have a little bit of Princess every day." Including her specialest day!

Jen · 11/15/07 02:10PM

As a fifth anniversary "gift" to hubby Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar has officially changed her name to "Sarah Michelle Prinze." And Us Weekly readers approve! Seventy-four percent of those polled say women should change their names for their husbands. Maybe for their next anniversary Mrs. Prinze will ditch her career and make sure she has a hot meal on the table every night.

'New York' Mag Is A Foul Pimp Of Sex Slaves, Claim Ladies

Choire · 11/06/07 12:45PM

The amazingly old-school feminists at the New York chapter of the National Organization for Women will be protesting New York magazine on Thursday at noon! Why? "With ads for sex tours that advertise 'have your own harem' and ads for massage parlors that promise 'accommodating Asian women' New York Magazine is the marketing arm of the organized crime world of prostitution and trafficking.... It makes $10,000 a week facilitating the commercial sex industry." Oh my God, 10,000 whole dollars a week? Our femiladyist friends do have at least one good point: Some of the advertising brothels of New York probably are full of Peter Landesman-style sex slaves! Eww! But after going Andrea Dworkin-wrong by painting all prostitution ads with the brush of duress and international conspiracy, they then go further afield: "New York Magazine represents the life and times of New Yorkers," they claim. Well, we've got bigger problems than sex trafficking if that's true. Update: OMG, sex ads and protest canceled!

Valerie Plame Really Should Have Worn A Suit

Maggie · 10/22/07 01:03PM

While watching CBS anchor Katie Couric interview ex-CIA agent Valerie Plame on last night's '60 Minutes,' we couldn't help but notice a few things. Couric is way harsher on chicks than on dudes. Plame looks an awful lot like 'Sideways' star Virginia Madsen! Couric does not like being out-effervescenced on camera. Plame very clearly wants to be taken seriously, and should be. And yet. She does her first major television interview in four years wearing hiphuggers and dangly earrings. Before you jump all over us: This is the same as a man conducting an interview in shorts.

'Times' Shocked By Fratty I-Banker's Take On Skirts!

Maggie · 10/08/07 03:40PM

Despite having written about it a couple of weeks ago, we continue to receive emails about that self-described "articulate and classy" young woman who put her neck out there on Craigslist, flung caution and etiquette to the wind and flat-out asked if anyone could help her nab a guy with a salary of at least a half-million a year. Okay, so Jane Austen might have been just slightly more subtle, but this (alleged!) lady's tactics have captured the interest of many, including the New York Times, which today ran a piece about the idiot i-banker whose pissy response to our little gold digger included his JPMorgan Chase signature.

Going Dutch Is Never Okay, Except When It Is

Emily Gould · 09/28/07 02:00PM

Boy, y'all sure had some feelings about whether or not it's ever acceptable for a man and a lady on a date to split the tab! As you recall, my position was "Yes, of course, what century are we living in?" Your positions ranged from "I thinks the man should pay, but only if he is getting some" to "Men should pamper me like the princess I am!" to "I am gay and happier about it because of this post" to "Is this Jezebel?" We recruited Intern Mary to help us discern the misogynist forest from the self-hating trees.