Haitian Machete Fencing Is a Real Sport, and This Old Guy Is its Yoda

Adam Weinstein · 05/20/14 01:20PM

Dodge. Parry. Thrust. Also, drop the épée. Take off that dumb facemask and grab one of them dull machetes over there. Count your fingers up, just to be sure. Okay, now you're ready for sport. Let ol' Alfred Avril, aka "Papa Machete," show you the ropes.

This Venezuelan Gold Medalist Taking the Subway Is the Best Olympics Photo Yet

Max Read · 08/03/12 10:07AM

I love that unbelievable shot of Gabby Douglas in the air as much as anyone, but Omid Djalili's cell-phone photo of Venezuelan gold medalist fencer Ruben Limardo riding the tube Wednesday after winning his country's first medal (in the individual épeé) since 1968 seems just as perfect in an entirely different way. Apparently Limardo, accompanied by a bunch of teammates and well-wishers, taught the subway car Venezuelan chants and let people pose for photos with the medal. Aw. [via @Omid9]