Look, Everyone! It's Video Of Daniel Radcliffe's Naughties!

Seth Abramovitch · 11/10/08 01:02PM

That Daniel Radcliffe has been thrilling horny Potterites on both sides of the Atlantic in a revival of the play Equus featuring full-frontal (and backal) nudity is hardly news. But until now, there have been no satisfying audience photos or video of his Golden Snitch. Perhaps it was some unspoken code of honor between wizard and $130-a-seat theatergoer, as if to say, "We'll pay for the privilege—and it is a privilege, young Harry—but we'll also keep it just between us." Well, the code has been broken, as OMG Blog has obtained video footage recently recorded by a front-row Broadway patron. We pass this along not out of licentiousness, but rather in hopes that it will goose ticket sales for the production, which has seen a 10% drop. See how selfless we are? Now, enough preamble—on with the NSFW show!

Justin Rocket Silverman

Sheila · 10/20/08 02:18PM

Last week we re-introduced Gawker Pin-Ups, in which we scour the web (and your Facebook pages) for hottt photos of people in (or vaguely around) media. Who did you want to see shirtless? Requests for the New York Post's Justin Rocket Silverman were basically overwhelming, because he is one of the few straight men in media. So here he is! We have no idea what exactly he's doing in the following photos, nor do we care. Ladies, his Myspace profile says he's 31, single, and straight. He's even modeled for Mens' Health! Justin, if you play these fifteen minutes of blog-fame right, you could definitely get lucky by the weekend.

Gay Porn Impresario Michael Lucas, Married

Sheila · 10/15/08 03:56PM

Michael Lucas, the famous Russian-born gay porn performer, just got married! (He's the pouty one in the wedding pic.) You might know him from his films Hunt & Plunge and Fire Island Cruising 1-8, or La Dolce Vita, which was filmed partially in the Marc Jacobs store—making it the gayest movie on record. His groom is Richard Winger, who the press release says is an "international businessman;" it also says the two met eight years ago at a "Holiday Party." They're using the wedding to fight for gay marriage rights throughout the country—or maybe to get attention from gay publications for putting that in the press release.Lucas was profiled last March in the New Republic as "gay porn's neocon kingporn" due to his over-the-top opinions on Middle Eastern politics. But he makes up for that with his insistence on condoms being used in the porns he directs. As he explained his choices to New York mag: "‘What is my real chance to become a mainstream celebrity?' I am an immigrant, I have an accent, I am not the most beautiful thing which crossed the world." It goes without saying that Lucas is ridiculous and self-promoting, but we're still glad he exists. At the very least because every apartment building needs a square peg: