Hey California: Get Ready for 'Superstorms'

Adrian Chen · 01/16/11 01:08PM

There's something uniquely terrifying about the word 'superstorm.' Maybe it's the "super." Or the "storm." Either way, California might be utterly destroyed by a weeks-long superstorm one of these days, say scientists. Get your luxury canoes ready.

Is This the End of the World?

Richard Lawson · 01/05/11 04:15PM

The new year has arrived and it is awful, what with bird/fish/crab death, floods, freezing temperatures, and zombie ex-Vice Presidents. So let's just put it all out there and list the reasons why this is already the worst year ever.


Jeff Neumann · 12/30/10 07:19AM

[This wallaby probably regrets going after that giant bale of delicious hay as it sits in the middle of a huge flood in Australia today. Image via AP]

'It's a Little Damp for My Tastes'

Max Read · 12/06/10 03:40AM

[People paddle a boat at the flooded street in village of Rijeka Crnojevica, Montenegro, where hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes because of floods caused by heavy rains. Photo via AP.]

Flooded Engine

Max Read · 12/01/10 12:36AM

[Cars in a flooded parking lot in Palmira, Colombia, where La Niña has caused an exceptionally wet rainy season, bringing with it floods, landslides, and 130 deaths. Photo via AP.]

No Relief In Sight

Jeff Neumann · 09/30/10 06:46AM

A Pakistani boy salvaged a window from his home after flooding in Dadu district, southern Pakistan. The UN says flooding there has left 8 million people homeless and 12 million in need of emergency food aid. [Dawn; Image via AP]

Barbershop Quar-Wet, More Like

Max Read · 09/02/10 01:53AM

[A barber cuts a customer's beard on a makehift barbershop at a camp for people displaced by floods in Pakistan's Punjab province. Floods have receded in north and central Pakistan, but are continuing in the south. Pic via AP.]

Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Them

Brian Moylan · 08/23/10 05:56PM

[These residents of Khanghar in Central Pakistan don't get to enjoy the beautiful sunset while wading through flood waters toward drier parts of the area. Image via AP]

In Tent City

Max Read · 08/23/10 02:53AM

[Tents are set up at a camp organized by the Pakistan Army for Pakistani families displaced by floods in the Sindh province in southern Pakistan. Pic via AP.]

Water Water Everywhere

Max Read · 08/20/10 02:55AM

[A Pakistani family in the Sindh Province in southern Pakistan stand on their farm compound surrounded by flood waters, awaiting aid distribution. The number of Pakistanis left homeless has doubled to 4 million. Pic via AP]