Mitt Romney Reminds Voters of Their Horrible, Horrible Fathers

Jim Newell · 12/05/11 03:50PM

What flavor of eternal hatred for Mitt Romney are Republican primary voters trying out this week? He's not merely a liar, an opportunist, a socialist, and a member of the Utahan Space Jesus cult anymore. Now he's also the dad who went out for cigarettes and never came back, or did come back, only to ignore you.

Republicans' Top Message Man Has a Plan to Counter 'Occupy Wall Street'

Jim Newell · 12/01/11 01:10PM

Ubiquitous GOP "message guru" Frank Luntz is the guy who teaches Republicans how to kill things. When Democrats introduce a bill and Republicans decide that they'd like to kill it, for sport, they ask Luntz to come up with a couple of phrases to reiterate hundreds of times a day, so as to terrify the American people.

Iowa Voters Don't Trust Obama on Egypt Because He's Muslim

Jim Newell · 02/08/11 03:48PM

Fox News put together a focus group of likely Iowa Republican caucus-goers to watch President Obama's pre-Super Bowl interview with Bill O'Reilly and gauge their reactions. So why were the reactions so negative when he was giving fairly boilerplate responses to O'Reilly's questions about the Egyptian uprising and any potential threats posed by the Muslim Brotherhood?