The 'El Quijote' Sandwich Is As Disappointing As A Terrible Foodblogger Book Deal

Emily Gould · 11/20/07 03:30PM

Publishers Marketplace is reporting that blogger Adrienne Kane has sold her first book, to be titled 'Cooking and Screaming,' to Simon & Schuster imprint Simon Spotlight Entertainment. We'd never heard of this blog, but we like eating food, so we decided to check it out. Of a recently purchased handful of satsumas and persimmons, Adrienne writes, "Soon the fruit beckoned to me, and it told me it wanted to play with that lonely endive in the fridge. And play they did, quite beautifully, together on the chartreuse salad plate. I love a salad with fruit, not a fruit salad mind you (though they are stupendous as well), but a salad that has the mystical interplay between sweet and savory, and that is what this salad had." She's a regular Danyelle Freeman! As Josh and I ate lunch at our desks, we wondered: how hard could it be to write about food in the style of these ladies?

West Coast Sweeps Journo Food Awards

josh · 05/07/07 11:39AM

Last night the James Beard foundation recognized outstanding food journalists. (Tonight's the big night for chefs and restaurants.) These Pulitzers of the Palate, the Ellies of the Edible, the Man Bookers of the Pressure Cookers, were notable for at least one reason—what a surprise it was how few of the winners, especially among the newspaper category, hail from New York. In a largely West Coast sweep, the San Francisco Chronicle took home the best newspaper section, Rebekah Denn of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer won best review—and Los Angeles magazine's Jesse Katz took to his West Coast home the MFK Distinguished Writing Awards. This is clearly ridiculous and impossible, as the Other Coast has nothing to offer whatsoever in terms of culture. Do they even eat food out there without throwing it up?