Here's Lady Gaga Supposedly Talking Shit on Azealia Banks

Rich Juzwiak · 09/09/13 01:06PM

Earlier today, Lady Gaga graced the stage of Good Morning America to perform a Wizard of Oz-styled spin on "Applause," complete with several costume changes. (This era, she's really intent on wowing us with how many times she can change her costumes in one song, and I will admit that it is a nice distraction from the actual song.) During some down time, she supposedly talked to her attending "Little Monsters" about part-time rapper, full-time Twitter troll Azealia Banks. Banks was once rumored to appear on Gaga's upcoming ARTPOP album. Banks also recently attacked Gaga on Twitter for adopting and advocating a mermaid-inspired style, as Banks has also done. "Hey! No fair! You stole my mermaid style!" is an argument an actual 22-year-old woman made to another grown woman.

Sting's Suppressed Disney Documentary Leaked Online

Rich Juzwiak · 03/23/12 04:35PM

A workprint of a lost documentary about the tumultuous making of Disney's 2000 animated The Emperor's New Groove has magically appeared on YouTube (Update: And now it's gone, but we've put up a particularly tense clip). The back story, via MousePlanet's Wade Sampson, prominently features Sting, so you know it's sexy: