Have You Seen King Bozo?

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 12/14/13 02:30PM

Has anyone seen one of these giftcards around New York City? This Tumblr, run by someone called King Bozo, documents cards given to people in coffee shops, subway trains, and book stores around the city. The cards end up being strangely funny, strangely pretty, or just strange.

Nutty Eccentric Eventually Returns Stolen Masterpiece

Pareene · 10/23/07 10:00AM

In an otherwise charming story about a stolen painting recovered in a trash pile 20 years later, it's kinda hard to escape the mounting evidence that the 'hero' is utterly insane. To wit: Elizabeth Gibson, age unmentioned (though looking like a well-preserved 50?), "self-professed Dumpster diver," found a 38-by-51-inch painting in a pile of trash on the Upper West Side. So she took it home (it had a "strange power") and hung it up. Three years later, she realized it was a FAMOUS STOLEN MASTERPIECE. So, naturally, she built a false wall in her "crammed" apartment and wrapped the painting in old shower curtains.