What Would You Do For A $1900 Haircut?

Ryan Tate · 12/10/08 08:56PM

Between the bobbing and the "under-the-table propositions," this looked like possibly the most intriguing Times Thursgay Styles story ever. But it turns out to be a fairly pedestrian, non-sexual piece about outlaw stylists secretly snipping at discount "hair parties." It does feature an "interesting" hairdresser who is still charging $1,900 for a housecall. At that price he better throw in a blow dry. Multiple blow dries. The best goddamn blow dries you've ever experienced.

Entire World Insolvent Soon

Ryan Tate · 11/23/08 10:11PM

Reports tonight surfaced that the federal government is offering to buy tens of billions of Citigroup's worst holdings. A bailout is impossible, because Citigroup is just too big, with $3 trillion in inflated "assets" on the "books." Maybe we could nationalize Citigroup, but what about, uh, the nation of Switzerland? Its two largest banks hold about 10 times the nation's total GDP on their balance sheets, which means writedowns could require an Iceland-style bailout by other counties. Once that happens, it may only be a matter of time before the kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland declares bankruptcy.