Christian College Gay Porn Star Wins International Acclaim

The Cajun Boy · 05/10/09 08:01PM

Remember John Gechter, the Christian college student who was suspended for doing gay porn? Well, according to a tipster, Gechter is a burgeoning international superstar thanks to his considerable "power bottom" skills.

The Gay Porn Star Who Conquered Japan

Richard Lawson · 02/24/09 04:59PM

From the Department of Mysteries: Billy Herrington is a beefy gay porn star whose career peaked ten years ago in the United States. In Japan, he's a video mashup internet meme hero. What gives?

Which Recently Upped TV Exec Got His Start As A Gay Porn Star?

Seth Abramovitch · 10/09/08 11:29AM

Simply reinforcing our long-held theory that anyone who works in Hollywood—regardless of age, gender, or genitalia size—has at least one gay porn credit buried somewhere in their resumes, it's been brought to our attention that a boldface name in yesterday's Trade Roundup also got his start in this town's storied sausage factory circuit. Find out who after the jump:

Introducing The First 'Step It Up & Dance' Contestant With An Inevitable Gay Porn Past

Seth Abramovitch · 04/16/08 04:50PM

The Circle of Vaguely Latino-Looking Reality Stars With Gay Porn Pasts continues with news (and accompanying suite of fleshy, very NSFW photos) that Step It Up & Dance contestant Michael, described by Bravo's official site as living by the motto, "life is my canvas, the beat is my soul, crank it up and watch me roll," has applied that same vigorous enthusiasm towards his modeling work on Despite The Ashton Cruz Zoo blog's semi-hysterical assessment of the photos as a "GAY PORN SCANDAL!!!," however, we doubt anyone tuning in to a dance contest hosted by Elizabeth "I'm Not a Whore" Berkley would be entirely shocked to learn that any one of the talented contestants might have at some other point impressed a different set of judges with the sheer technical skill of their tripoded pliés.

Crime Doesn't Pay, But Neither Does Gay Porn

Sheila · 02/28/08 06:29PM

As Fleshbot reported earlier this week, big trouble for gay porn stars in Philly! A pair of twins, those adorable scamps, got into a pinch of mischief: arrested for rooftop robberies! Fun fact: "The twins are the focus of a tristate Rooftop Burglary Task force, led by New Jersey investigators, the state where many of the 40-some rooftop burglaries have been committed over the last 18 months," reports the Philadelphia Daily News. After the jump: Keyontyli Goffney's modeling portfolio. (His brother, bad seed Taleon, mainly has a rap sheet a mile long. He once escaped from cops by swimming across a pond, yelling, "You can't catch me!")