Scoble text-message rampage leaves Twitter users numb

Jordan Golson · 03/31/08 03:00PM

Robert Scoble went on a tear yesterday, posting more than 200 Twitter messages within the span of a few hours. The logorrheic explosion came as he had a "group conversation" with his Twitter followers. Not all were impressed. "Well, I've tormented Twitter enough today. About 200 people have unfollowed." Don't worry, Bobby. I'm sticking around — for now, anyway. Though I'm starting to think that woman at Whole Foods who found Twitter "boring" might have been right. See an excerpt of Scoble's Twitters below, and then share your opinion in our poll.

Page, Branson, Wales and Blair fuel up private jets for more green getaways

Nicholas Carlson · 03/25/08 06:00PM

Earlier this month, Virgin's Richard Branson hosted Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and his wealthier coevals on Necker Island for a discussion on global warming. The beach party seemed to be held mostly for the benefit of a sun-satiated New York Times reporter. But, between sips of pinot grigio, Branson and his tanning friends confirmed that yes, they will consider holding another such confab again in the future. You don't see plebes in Priuses saving the world, do you? Write your best caption in the comments.

Average SXSW partier blows a 0.097

Nicholas Carlson · 03/12/08 02:20PM

"What are you blowing?" Wired's Megan McCarthy asked's Charles Hope the other night, offering him the chance to take a breathalyser test. His slightly puzzling answer: "HOT." Natalie Villalobos, a community manager from the Bay area answered: "Mostly boys." McCarthy polled five others as well, who actually blew into the damn thing. Their levels ranged from sober-dober (0.00) to "heyyyyI'm in Aushtin?hokeedohkee" (0.25).

Venture capitalist disrobes in front of titillated SXSW audience

Owen Thomas · 03/08/08 10:45PM

David Hornik is a secretive sort; the venture capitalist tried (and failed) to keep his invite-only Lobby conference off the record. Even when he wants to expose himself, he stays guarded. At a SXSW panel where he judged the best of the worst website pitches, Hornik changed from a gold-hued paisley shirt to the VC's blue button-down uniform. Next time, David, skip the white T-shirt. That seems braver. The frame-by-frame strip tease:

The Philippe Dauman Jr. playlist

Nicholas Carlson · 02/28/08 05:00PM

Philippe Dauman Jr., triumphant Googler, entrepreneur, and son of Viacom's CEO, you're our new hero. So we made a playlist for you. Forgive us: We didn't have a password to your music startup, Yuzu, so we used rival Pandora's algorithm to find music about coke, boys, girls, boys and girls, and other things we imagine you like. Please play it this weekend. We'll be thinking of you as we do.

Why Philippe Dauman Jr. is our new hero

Nicholas Carlson · 02/27/08 06:04PM

I'm a hustler baby, that's what my daddy's made me. The son of Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman gets guff from the likes of Silicon Alley Insider's Henry Blodget for running yet another NYC-hipster online music company on the side from his day job as a "strategic partner development associate" at Google. Don't tell Silicon Alley Insider about the sex and drugs.

Asha already moving on, planning to get geeks gone wild in Miami

Nicholas Carlson · 02/25/08 07:00PM

Michael Arrington and Meghan Asha aren't on-again, off-again anymore. Sources with intimate knowledge of the situation tell Valleywag that it's unambiguously over. We're confident a man with Arrington's prospects will have no problem moving on. Asha, it seems, already has.

Bebo execs, lawyers throw down in London

Owen Thomas · 02/07/08 04:19PM

Why is Jordy Mont-Reynaud, the 24-year-old "mobile guy" for social network Bebo, partying in London with strategy director Evan Cohen, marketing VP Ziv Navoth, and two lawyers? Bebo is rumored to be exploring a sale or investment. Did Bebo just score some dollars from a big wireless company?

Mashable's female readers like to get naked

Nicholas Carlson · 02/06/08 04:20PM

Mashable founder Pete Cashmore is "hot," StyleDiary's Patricia Handschiegel told me the other night at dinner. Overhearing us, another chimed in. "Oh yes, he's hot," she said. Keep your pants on, girls! Literally. Cashmore doesn't have to worry about Handschiegel stripping — she's a lady — but a screenshot of "recent visitors" who have built profiles on the site indicates some of Cashmore's readers aren't. After the jump, see their profile pages. A warning: Not safe for work.

Disturbed man tattoos startup logo on chest

Nicholas Carlson · 01/28/08 04:30PM

Ivan Morrison, the Canadian IT worker who tattooed a Google logo to his arm, has been bested by a nerdier self-defacer. At least Google's technology and business have changed all our lives, ushering in a new epoch. uShip, the startup whose logo now decorates this unnamed admirer's chest? It's an online-shipping startup out of Austin, Texas.

Take it easy on the Crystal (Geyser), Zuck

Nicholas Carlson · 01/28/08 03:00PM

A tipster sends this shot of Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg with Mashable's Pete Cashmore. Our tipster says the photo captures Zuck and Cashmore "drunker than skunks." Don't buy it. Zuck's got a straight-edged reputation and he's holding a bottle of Crystal Geyser, not Cristal. A better explanation for Zuckerberg's awkward pose? He's camera-shy. That jibes with what Zuckerberg told egoblogger Robert Scoble during a three-hour walk the pair took around Davos over the weekend.

Facebookers are late for everything

Nicholas Carlson · 01/14/08 01:00PM

"Facebook headquarters in downtown Palo Alto looks like a dorm room," Lesley Stahl narrated during last night's 60 Minutes piece on the company. "Facebook employees," Stahl also tells us, "show up late, stay late, and party really late." At the end of the the montage, it cuts to a darkened room where an employee continues to grind out work on his laptop while several others sit scrunched shoulder to shoulder on a red couch. There's also a DJ in the room. "Get down!" the music exhorts, 'cause it's totally like party planet down in Palo Alto. Woo. Wake us when they start taking their clothes off or putting on Viking helmets.

Facebook's Ben Ling shakes highly portable thing

Owen Thomas · 01/11/08 02:20PM

"Bling," as he's known, famously defected from Google to Facebook last year. More recently, he joined the Data Portability Workgroup. Was this video the kind of personal data he wants to make it easier to spread around?

Michael Arrington's Sarah Lacy fantasies indulged by Yahoo

Owen Thomas · 01/09/08 07:09PM

Yahoo TechTicker may launch as soon as next week, reports Michael Arrington. The TechCrunch editor then spins off into lurid fantasy: "Screen shots are starting to leak, and we have this one with Lacy and Blodget just prior to locking into a passionate embrace, I'm sure." Heavens, Michael. No wonder Lacy tried to cool your jets in Hawaii. Besides, we prefer to imagine Blodget, a known admirer of male beauty, canoodling* with Paul Kedrosky, the ruggedly handsome VC pundit who's also appearing on TechTicker.