Young People Are Growing Up Together and TIME Cannot Believe It

Caity Weaver · 05/09/13 05:14PM

On Thursday, TIME magazine was shocked once again to discover that humans who were born around the same time are suddenly becoming adults around the same time. In the millennial-centric cover story of the May 20th edition, titled “The ME ME ME Generation” (alternate title: Some Things About Millennials Are Great and Some Things About Them Are Bad But Pretty Much Nothing About Them Is Interesting When Committed to Ink In the Fashion of this Article I Now Realize), author Joel Stein observes that the past few decades' beautiful crop of young people may be “the last large birth grouping that will be easy to generalize about." Of course, this statement disproves his point even as he makes it. (Stay tuned for Post-Millennials: The Un-Generalizeable Generation.)

Generation Y, watch your boss for these warning signs

Mary Jane Irwin · 02/15/08 07:44PM

Coddled by close-hovering helicopter parents, Generation Y (of which I'm a proud member) is incapable of taking initiative. (This very post was "suggested" by Owen Thomas, yet I get to take all the credit.) We never had to struggle up multiple hills, in the snow, to get to school, so we lack any true sense of accomplishment. To help managers deal with our overweening self-importance, BusinessWeek has come up with a bullet-pointed Generation Y workplace survival guide. No, it doesn't include anything helpful, like how to use Facebook or Twitter as management tools. It does suggest exactly the kind of boss behavior Gen Y will see right through, once we learn to recognize it. So how do you know if your boss is trying to game you into productivity? Here are the signs: