Everybody on C-SPAN Is Talking About Mitt Romney's Huge Penis

John Cook · 01/12/12 05:10PM

Yesterday we brought you a C-SPAN prank caller who asked New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Wayne MacDonald whether Mitt Romney had a large penis (he does). Turns out it was not an isolated incident. Here is a compilation, via Mediaite, of C-SPAN callers—actually one caller, it sounds like—working in references to Mitt Romney's penis over the air. The last one is positively brilliant. Mitt Romney has a huge penis.

Is Scott Disick's Dick 'Like an Elephant's Trunk'?

Maureen O'Connor · 09/28/11 02:36PM

Kardashian cast mate Scott Disick is the biggest dick on television. But is his dick big, too? During an interview with, Kourtney referred to her baby daddy's penis as "like an elephant's trunk." Kim and Khloe immediately jumped in with their own lurid descriptions of their sister's partner's phallus. Just normal sister stuff, you know?

Does Your Vagina Need a Day at the Spa?

Maureen O'Connor · 12/20/10 12:17PM

Is your vagina feeling sluggish? Maybe it needs a day at the gyno spa. A new trend in vaginal hygiene has arrived in America. It involves the words "pungent steam," "mugwort tea," and "open-seated stool." Meet the vaginal steam bath.

Penis and Ass Enhancing Underwear to Hit British Store Shelves Next Week

Jeff Neumann · 10/09/10 12:13PM

British clothing chain Marks & Spencer has waded into the dong-enhancement game with its new Bodymax line of "frontal enhancement" underwear. They'll make your dick look 38 percent bigger! M&S also offers butt-lifting undies made of "cool, odour resistant fabric."

Who Stole King Tut's Penis? And Why?

Max Read · 06/29/10 08:12PM

Tutankhamen's penis is missing! Maybe you think it was the victim of a "brutal autopsy"? Or, if you're conspiracy-minded, you think someone removed it because it was "under-developed"? Either way, you're thinking about a mummy's penis. [New Scientist]

The Household Plastics That Might Ruin Your Kid's Testicles

Jeff Neumann · 05/24/10 06:25AM

Ever hear of phthalates? They are esters that help plasticize things like rain coats and shower curtains, and they make body lotions smell nice. They also may be causing young men to develop in "several ways less completely masculine."

Bar Nuts, the West 19th Version

Jesse · 05/25/06 09:44AM

We realized we'd heard of this product before, the new Philips Bodygroom razor. But we'd never given it much before last night, when we found ourselves standing at a urinal and staring at this ad, which — and apologies for the crappy cameraphone pic — depicts two strategically positioned kiwis, one with its fuzz intact and the other freshly shorn, above the tagline, "Now you can shave wherever you want." We were more than a little bit repulsed. Naturally we were at a bar in Chelsea.