How 'Pansexual' Neal Boulton Pranked His Way To Celebrity

Ryan Tate · 12/05/08 06:18AM

Neal Boulton is reportedly orgasmic. The editor of a magazine for gays and a website for bis signed a book deal (with an agent) and claims to be drowning in reality show offers following a profile in Page Six Magazine. Everyone wants to screw and/or sign the sexual libtertine, supposedly, because of his oh-so-exciting and freewheeling life. But all indications are that his most famous antics were manufactured in the press. Take his alleged macking with Rolling Stone Jann Wenner, for example, Boulton's claim to "pansexual" fame.

Supposedly Gay-Panicked Model Is, In Fact, Gay Panicking

Richard Lawson · 10/02/08 03:34PM

A couple of days ago, we told you about Ben Massing, the straight model who is suing gay magazine Genre for using sexypex photos without his consent. People were crying homophobia, but others figured it was just a matter of "hey, I didn't say you could use those." Turns out, it's kinda both. Queerty got their grubby gay hands on the lawsuit, and there is some "oh no he didn't" anti-gay language embedded within it:

Gay-Panicking Model Defended By Gay Magazine Exec

Richard Lawson · 09/30/08 12:12PM

Meet Ben Massing, a smoldering young (straight) model from Florida, who recently graced the pages of gay magazine Genre. And he was not happy about it. Indeed he's filing a lawsuit, claiming his privacy was violated because he only intended to use the be-underweared photos for his portfolio. This caused something of a foofaraw in the ogling gay community, people accusing him of being a homophobe. Now a gay magazine publisher has come to young Massing's defense. Jeff Woodward, who publishes another gay mag called Next, wrote in to gay site Queerty:

Neal Boulton Hates Homophobic Bullies

Sheila · 06/06/08 10:40AM

The editor of gay mag Genre is a lover of both men and women, a rocker, an editor/consultant, and now... a fighter. While stepping in to defend gay rights against some meatheads at a bar the other night, he fought valiantly but still got a beatdown! "I hate bullies," Neal tells us. "But I hate homophobic bullies even more so I stepped in. Got my ass kicked but at least I gave the bastard a good fight he won't forget." An account of the fight from a tipster:

Neal Boulton, Rocker

Sheila · 03/26/08 02:11PM

Editor. Fighter. Consultant. Lover of men and women. Is there anything that Neal Boulton, editor of gay mag Genre, is not? Apparently no, according to this tip that not only showcased a new side of Neal, but explained his narrative thus far: "Easter Sunday we saw him and his band performing in Dumbo at a park... who knew the guy could get up and play guitar and fucking sing Springsteen and shit. Can you please out me to my girlfriend so that she will begin to want to have more sex with me. Better, can you out me so that she breaks up with me so that I can go out and pick up more women!?"

'Straight-Acting' vs. Masculine Gays?

Sheila · 03/24/08 04:08PM

Neal Boulton, editor of gay men's mag Genre, appears on CBS News on Logo to talk about straight-acting gays. The great debate: are they just "masculine," or have they been bullied by a homophobic culture into acting straight? "I don't think there's anything feminine about being a gay man... there's nothing feminine about it," he says emphatically. For those keeping track, Boulton sounds like a real good time: he describes himself as gay, and edits a gay magazine, but also shags women. (So: bi?) In an email, he adds, "Fuck the feminine stereotypes. It's not like men who like men are BORN swishing down the street. Those were old signals used to clue other guys in to who they were." [Logo]