Today's Song: TEEN 'Charlie'

Rich Juzwiak · 08/30/12 04:27PM

With the right pick-ups (and Hipster Runoff placement), Brooklyn's TEEN could be equally loved and loathed. The Brooklyn-based band consists of four very cute girls who play messily — the musical equivalent of unkempt beauty. They remind me of Shaggs crossed with the Carrie Nations (after the principal hit them up with a couple of caps of acid), pumping out psychedelia caked in reverb and effects. Instead of being pretty at its core (a la shoegaze) TEEN's music is sometimes flat, sometimes meandering and often lacking in choruses and harmonies. Too structured to be deemed atmospheric and too reliant on heavy texture to be mistaken for pop, TEEN's music would infuriate if it didn't routinely soothe. But I predict that a bunch of girls not acting musically ladylike (in often the gentlest way possible) will piss people off anyway. Good.

I Missed Us: SWV's Comeback Album and The Art of Nostalgia

Rich Juzwiak · 04/17/12 04:40PM

Today, the ‘90s new jill swing trio SWV (Sisters with Voices) released their first non-holiday album since 1997's Release Some Tension. This fourth full-length is full of songs that find the fortysomething women singing about various states of love and longing, but the subtext is so blatant that it's practically just text. The album is called I Missed Us, named after a song that reminisces about past love, but named for the nostalgia that fuels this comeback and its contents.