Guy 'Forgot' He Had Shrooms, Is Acquitted of Drug Possession

Lauri Apple · 07/17/11 11:14AM

Are you facing drug possession charges? Here's a possible defense: "hey, so, uh ... I forgot about those drugs, therefore I didn't really possess those drugs, see?" Cannabis club worker Eric Meoli tried this one out in a San Francisco courtroom recently, and it actually worked!

Google's fight for the right to party like sagging, middle-aged rockers

Melissa Gira Grant · 05/01/08 02:20PM

Google has asked San Francisco for permission to host a "picnic-style dinner" for 1,400 sales employees on June 11. What's really pathetic: Google wants its salespeople to boogie down after hours to the sounds of U2 and Journey. Not the actual U2 and Journey, mind you, but cover bands. Neighbors aren't charmed, and not just by having their backyards used at the set for lightly inebriated lip dubs of "Don't Stop Believing." But the people who bring in Google's billions should ask why, if Larry Page is such pals with Bono, he wasn't able to deliver the real thing for their park-wide party.