Spy Found Dead in Duffel Bag Was Maybe Killed by Russian Mob

Max Read · 06/26/11 01:34PM

Well, isn't this how it always happens. Just as we were finished up the third draft of Queen and Country, our adaptation of the mysterious stabbing death of maybe-gay MI6 agent Gareth Williams, it turns out he probably wasn't murdered by a gay lover and stuffed and locked inside a duffle bag as part of an elaborate sex game! The new theory, the Daily Mail reports, or, really, posits, is that Williams was killed by the Russian mafia, on whom he may have been spying as part of a top-secret mission concerning money laundering.

Armed 'Western Troops' Filmed in Libya as Generals Defect

Max Read · 05/30/11 07:07PM

Six armed Western men, possibly British special forces, were caught on tape by Al Jazeera, seemingly corroborating rumors that SAS soldiers are on the ground in Libya acting as spotters for NATO air strikes. The presence of Western troops is... well, the Guardian calls it a "sensitive" subject, because the UN resolution authorizing air strikes explicitly forbids a "foreign occupation force of any form." As far as the British government is concerned, they don't exist: "We don't have any forces out there," the Ministry of Defense says.

Man Poisoned By First Wife Finds Better Wife at the Hospital

Lauri Apple · 05/01/11 02:16PM

Tragically lucky British man Lee Knight's first wife tried to kill him by putting antifreeze in his curry. Knight's soon-to-be second wife took care of him after the poisoning. It's karma in action, with a dash of trading up!

Why You Should Never Glue a Hat to Your Head

Max Read · 03/28/11 10:22PM

For the life of us, we can't figure out why Shawn Murtagh wants to unstick the miniature bowler hat he has Super Glued to his scalp, but he does, and isn't he lucky he lives in the United Kingdom where he is guaranteed free health care, even for silly afflictions. [The Hairpin]

The Queen Mother Was a Ska Fan

Max Read · 03/13/11 08:55PM

The Queen Mother's private record collection has been released! (You were, no doubt, awaiting this moment with bated breath.) She was, unsurprisingly, a big fan of musicals (The King and I and Oklahoma!), as well as, apparently, ska:

The Best of the U.K.'s Newly-Opened UFO Files

Max Read · 03/03/11 04:08AM

Is there any better kind of government file than a government UFO file? (No, there is not.) The U.K. just dumped its largest-ever cache of UFO files, and there is some pretty great stuff in there. Such as these letters, wherein a former Ministry of Defense employee writes from Sri Lanka of a "partial aura" and "a ring like a doughnut," providing along with his or her letter two pictures of this unidentified object. And yet, his case handler is less than moved: "Defence of Sri Lankan airspace is clearly a matter for the Sri Lankan Government and you may wish to pursue your enquiries with them." The MoD can be so bitchy!

Meet Katia Zatuliveter, Britain's Very Own Sexy Alleged Spy

Max Read · 12/06/10 12:01AM

A 25-year-old parliamentary aide was arrested by British authorities on Thursday, and currently faces deportation. For spying! Yes, only a few months after it was cool to have a sexy Russian sleeper agent, the U.K. finally gets their own.

Fair Feathered Friend

Max Read · 08/31/10 03:28AM

[A costumed reveller performs in the Notting Hill Carnival in London, the largest festival of its kind in Europe. Pic via AP.]

Here Are the Ten Funniest Jokes in All of Britain, Explained

Max Read · 08/23/10 09:08PM

The ten funniest jokes of the famous Edinburgh Fringe—a huge performing arts festival held in Scotland—have been named! And they are hilarious. But will you "get" them? No worries! We've provided helpful explanations right here.

Mazed and Confused

Max Read · 08/03/10 01:11AM

[A giant maze opened in London's Trafalgar Square today to encourage visitors to "get lost" in the West End. If only there was a superlative adjective that lent itself to puns involving the word "maze"! Pic via Getty.]

Long May She Rain

Max Read · 07/23/10 02:49AM

[Rain clouds loom over a holiday cottage in the north of England, which has been suffering from heavy rain and flash floods. Pic via Getty]