Frances Ha: Like Girls, But Black and White and Real All Over

Rich Juzwiak · 05/14/13 04:12PM

When people talk about the strengths of HBO’s Girls, they tend to mention how relatable and real it is. I enjoy that show, but I don’t see a lot of myself in it besides the sporadic human truths that punctuate these never unclever, coddled existences. Noah Baumbach’s seventh film, Frances Ha (opening this week) is similar in its focus—Greta Gerwig (who co-wrote the script) plays Frances, a 27-year-old dancer who lives in New York. Watching her struggle to eat while feeding her creative impulses and flailing to assert an identity while not quite fully formed as a secure human being felt like a trip back home to me.

Damsels In Distress: A Tale of Twee Coeds

Leah Beckmann · 02/14/12 02:38PM

Here is the trailer for Damsel In Distress, produced, written, and directed by Woody Allen-habitué Whit Stillman. It is about a trio of friends traipsing about doing good and effecting change on their male-dominated college campus.

Arthur: Russell Brand Is an Oafish Good-for-Nothing

Richard Lawson · 02/10/11 02:56PM

Here's a trailer for the remake of the Dudley Moore comedy Arthur, starring the wonderful Helen Mirren and the irksome comedian Russell Brand. Mirren plays the weary caretaker of the childish, dopey heir, played by Brand, who gets cut off from the family pot and has to strike out on his own.

America, Meet Your Sexy New Batman Star

Richard Lawson · 10/13/10 02:40PM

You probably already met him this summer in Inception, but meet him again! And again! Also today: Fox is really happy about a new Alien script and hopes Natalie Portman will be too, and Real Housewives of Rock 'n' Roll?