"We Got the Right Spic": Innocent Man Who Spent Year in Rikers to Sue City 

Andy Cush · 03/11/16 02:35PM

Enger Javier, a Bronx man who was arrested for manslaughter and spent a year in Rikers Island before charges against him were dropped in February, will file a lawsuit against the City of New York on Monday. In the suit, Javier’s attorney alleges that an NYPD detective said, “We got the right spic,” in reference to his arrest, and that he was repeatedly denied when he asked for a lawyer.

Enger Javier Spent Two Years In Rikers For a Murder That Even the Victim's Family Doesn't Think He Committed

Andy Cush · 02/02/16 11:39AM

After midnight on August 19, 2012, Enger Javier was standing in the McDonald’s parking lot where he hung out every weekend, talking with his friends and enjoying the Latin music that was pumping out of the souped-up cars congregated there. The fast-food eatery was a popular late-night hangout spot for young people in the Claremont section of the Bronx, a neighborhood where household income is less than half the citywide median and gang violence is common. The Trinitarios, Javier’s gang, were engaged in a bitter feud with another crew called Dominicans Don’t Play. On the night of the 19th, a former DDP member was stabbed to death following a scuffle, and Javier was arrested for the killing.