Stay-At-Home Dad LeDuff Can't Stop Overwriting

Choire · 11/08/07 01:05PM

How does it feel for former Timesman Charlie LeDuff to be unemployed and raising his kid—does he miss the "late-night cocktails, accepting prizes, speaking at prestigious universities"? Well!

The Most Annoying Liberal Arts School In The U.S.

Doree Shafrir · 07/25/07 05:15PM

Hello there, liberal arts college grad! Until we started doing this monumental search for annoying colleges, we had no idea so many of you lurked among us, spreading your pansexual, drug-experimenting, free-thinking ways so insidiously! When this all began, we were just looking for a college we could generically insert into posts that made fun of Williamsburg residents, since Oberlin was getting tired. In our search, early favorites Bard, Vassar, and surprise write-in Swarthmore (general impression: everyone's really smart, but still really annoying) all soon fell to the towering giants of Liberal Arts College Annoyingness: Wesleyan and Sarah Lawrence. And that's where our death match came in, and why we've finally decided to bestow an honorary degree on one, very special, Liberal Arts College. It's one that is near and dear to all of your hearts, we're sure. And that college is...