This Suicide-Themed Hyundai Ad Is So Awful It Drove a Survivor to Tears

Adam Weinstein · 04/25/13 02:36PM

Hyundai just yanked this misfiring European commercial depicting a man trying to off himself with his car exhaust. But not before the gag traumatized a London woman who blogged in heart-rending prose about how her father had killed himself in similar fashion.

Financial Gurus Like Hyundai's Checks, Are Neutral On Their Cars

Hamilton Nolan · 04/30/08 12:20PM

Larry Winget: bald person, financial guru, Hyundai pitchman. He's one of several financial authors who appear incongruously in Hyundai's current ad campaign, which features some "normal" people who, upon seeing an anonymous man in a tie pop up behind them at a car dealership and offer advice, react by saying excitedly, "Hey! Aren't you [financial author] of [personal finance advice book]?!" Whereas a real person would probably kick them in the nuts. The funny thing is that bald financial guru and Hyundai pitchman Larry Winget now says he doesn't necessarily want people to buy Hyundais at all!