Not Trending In Park Slope: Fat, Ice Cream Loving Kids

Jessica Benjestorf · 04/02/12 12:57PM

Aggrieved Prospect Park parents took to their computers to vent about spring's criminal mastermind: the ice cream man. In an effort to make sure that Park Slope is free of anything resembling kids acting like normal kids, the moms are on a mission to get the vendors—and their loathsome treats— out of the park.

The Ice Cream Man Code

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/02/08 02:10PM

Popular actress Lindsay Lohan managed to talk her constant companion, Samantha Ronson, out of an ice cream truck related existential crisis on Labor Day. Ronson bemoaned the fact that the Ice Cream Man did not have a photo of her favorite treat, a Bomb Pop, on his van. Lohan told Ronson to just ask the guy if he has any bomb pops. Ronson replied back, "If there isn't a sticker, then he doesn't have it. That's the code of the Ice Cream Man. A simple — but honest — code." Lohan thought that was the dumbest thing she had ever heard and walked over to the Ice Cream Man while Sam sulked, kicking the concrete below her Chuck Taylors.