Foolish Young People Don't Hate Work Yet

Hamilton Nolan · 10/17/11 10:33AM

Young people: will they ever stop evincing their painful ignorance of life's fundamentally tragic nature? Everybody old enough to pay taxes and be killed in a foreign war should understand that what we call "life" is nothing but an endless treadmill of mind-numbing and unfulfilling work followed shortly thereafter by the loss of one's mental faculties, and death.

The Progress Bar Illusion is Sneaky

Christopher Han · 12/28/10 04:15PM

Downloading something? Some progress bars appear to move quicker than others. How are our minds fooled into thinking so? It's the movement within the bars.

This Cube Optical Illusion Only Works Once

Kate Shapiro · 10/30/10 06:15PM

At first it looks like the checkered cube is floating but once you find out the trick, the checkered cube can never fool you again. You can feel better about your IQ now. Your brain is smarter than you think!

Amazing Anamorphic Fire Illusion

Jon Martin · 04/22/10 10:57AM

As the man behind the camera moves around this room, the symbols made with candles seem to change shape. These kind of illusions are called anamorphic illusions and require the viewer to change vantage point.

The Ole Pencil Through the Nuts Illusion

Mike Byhoff · 01/05/10 03:20PM

A pencil is pushed between two independently moving nuts. Or is it? Is that even a pencil? Are those nuts independently moving? Are they even nuts? Is this even happening? DID I JUST BLOW YOUR MIND!?!?

New Clothing Products Allow You To Become As Glamorous As Matthew McConaughey And His Model Girlfriend

Hamilton Nolan · 03/05/08 01:05PM

Happy news for fellas who just like to lay back with a cold one and soak up the rays: Stoner romantic comedy actor Matthew McConaughey is launching his own clothing line, called j.k. livin [Us]. The "j.k." stands for "just keep," and the "livin" stands for the recognition that stressing out over things like grammar can totally kill the leisurely pace at which life should be enjoyed. So far it looks like the line just features a half ass t-shirt, but hey, why worry? In a complementary move, McConaughey's girlfriend, Brazilian model Camila Alves, has launched her own line of astoundingly pricey handbags. Together, these items will bring the pleasures of Hollywood to you, the consumer. Photos of her $1,350 monstrosities, and her man's halfhearted t-shirt/ wristband set, after the jump.