Tiger Woods Books Now Filed in Irony Section

Ryan Tate · 01/05/10 03:27PM

This is an actual picture from a bookstore in Singapore, sent in by a friend of ours. And no, we didn't crop it to add the "F Skills" truncation (bonus irony!).

Weapon of Mass Lactation

John Cook · 10/06/09 09:05AM

A farmer sprays milk on police forces during a protest against falling milk prices outside the European Union headquarters yesterday Brussels. [Via Cryptome; Photo by Georges Gobet, AFP/Getty Images.]

Monster Mash

Brian Moylan · 08/27/09 03:25PM

[An Venn diagram that shows the intersections of men and animals that create myth and legend. This still does not explain the Montauk Monster. Image via Flickr via Kottke]

Singin' On The Roof

The Cajun Boy · 08/14/09 04:56AM

Justine Bennett performs last night at the Open A.I.R. Concert Series on the roof of the Atlas building on West 38th St. [Rob Loud/Getty]