Talk to a Man Who Shoots the World's Most Expensive Cars for a Living

Seth Porges · 10/02/12 10:59AM

After a fun and sun-filled trip to Miami, photographer Douglas Sonders is back from the Land of Lebron. The occasion: He used Gizmodo's Intel-Inspired Ultrabook™ Shooting Challenge to shoot some of the flashiest, fastest, ultra-sleek cars he could get his lens on. And although we can only assume he's still nursing some sort of peel-tastic sunburn, he's graciously agreed to hang out in the Jalopnik comments right now in order to answer any and all questions you have about dem cars, his shooting technique, the national treasure that is Miami, and his experience with the ultra-responsive Ultrabook™ that got him through long days of shooting. So flip through his shots, then hop over to Jalopnik and ask away!

This Is the Closest You'll Ever Get to Driving a Gold Lamborghini in South Beach

Seth Porges · 09/26/12 10:59AM

If Miami is good enough for LeBron and Will Smith, it's good enough for Douglas Sonders (one of Gizmodo's Intel-Inspired Ultrabook™ Shooting Challenge photographers). Phase One camera in hand, Douglas landed in Miami with one goal: To shoot the most ridiculously awesome cars he could, and to do it with 80s-action-movie style (any photographer who cites Robocop and Total Recall as two of his biggest influences is all right with us).