How All the Big-Name Evangelical Leaders Became So Incompetent

Jim Newell · 01/16/12 03:09PM

America's aging class of socially conservative evangelical leaders finally gathered this weekend to pick a presidential candidate to rally around, and, crucially, to make each other feel important again. The 150 or so big-time fundies, including representatives from the Family Research Council, American Family Association, and Focus on the Family, ultimately chose Rick Santorum but came nowhere near a unanimous decision. Let's all congratulate these once-important gatekeepers: For the second straight presidential election, they've swooped in just in time to render themselves useless.

Anti-Bullying Policies are a Gay Conspiracy, Says Mega Church

Jeff Neumann · 08/31/10 06:50AM

Ultra-conservative Christian mega business ministry Focus on the Family wants all these gay people to stop talking about child bullying, because they're pushing a secret agenda to turn America's kids into homosexuals, and that is not what Jesus intended.

Dr. Dobson Reminds America That Obama Is A West Wing President

Nick Douglas · 06/24/08 03:12PM

Focus on the Family founder James Dobson is fighting the Obama campaign's effort to win the evangelical Christian vote. The fiercely pro-life author and speaker rebutted Obama's "fruitcake interpretation" of the Bible on his radio show today. Apparently back in 2006, Obama gave a speech to a liberal Christian group pointing out Old Testament Hebrew laws, to highlight the problem with legislating according to the Bible. In fact, that speech sounds a lot like this clip from the West Wing, the show about fictional awesome president Martin Sheen that helped so many liberals endure the first Bush term: