Vicious Attack Ad Targets Karl Rove's Book

Ryan Tate · 03/16/10 08:21PM

The authors of the business book Rework noticed Karl Rove was standing between them and the number one bestseller slot on Amazon.com. So they created this awesomely fun takedown of the Republican strategist's Courage and Consequence. It's positively Rovian.

Jason Fried, Web god

Owen Thomas · 03/08/08 04:58PM

A thousand people — 1 out of 8 attendees at the SXSW Interactive conference — have packed the room for programmer Jason Fried's talk. "He's like our Barack," a friend tells me. Instead of hope of change in politics, Fried, a cofounder of 37signals, offers hope of change in ... Web-based software? And for this, he's treated "like a demigod," as Seth Godin says in a recent Wired profile of Fried and his partner, David Heinemeier Hansson, right. (Photo by Jessica Wynne/Wired)

These three bloggers want to get you a job

Nick Douglas · 08/29/06 02:52PM

Takeaway: Several big tech bloggers recently launched job boards. Michael Arrington at TechCrunch has the best board, but his competitors rejected his partnership offers, fearing he'd take over the partnership.

Jason Fried expands his little thing

Nick Douglas · 07/21/06 06:34PM

So wait, if superstar developer Jason Fried is this month's cover story for a small business magazine titled "The Next Small Thing"...

Jason Fried is mean to kittens

Nick Douglas · 05/18/06 03:24PM

What heart could not be melted by kittens on the back porch? The icy heart of star web developer Jason Fried. Instead of letting a set of stray kittens (pictured) into his home, the 37signals co-founder sent photos to friend and blogebrity Sarah Hatter. Now Sarah is campaigning on Flickr to save the kitties.

Getting Real with Ben Brown

ndouglas · 03/02/06 03:43PM

Consumating founder Ben Brown IMed me with a little fun at the expense of web developer and 37signals founder Jason Fried. Note to Jason: We kid because we love. Please don't delete our Basecamp accounts.