Breitbart Idiot Publishes Gotcha Interview of Bono Impersonator (Updated with Video)

Max Read · 03/21/12 01:38PM

Breitbart.com guy and Human Events editor-at-large Jason Mattera is " D.C.'s Bad Boy Reporter," and what says "bad boy" more than ambushing U2 frontman Bono for a "gotcha" interview about U2's taxes? Ha ha, except that Mattera actually ambushed a Bono impersonator, which may be why he couldn't really answer questions about U2's taxes:

Tallest Midget Alert: DC's 'Bad Boy Reporter'

Hamilton Nolan · 10/28/11 02:42PM

In your frigid Friday media column: DC has a "Bad boy" reporter, Brian Williams discusses the Twitter, a Reuters plagiarism kerfuffle, a CNNer becomes a flack, and Gene Weingarten gripes.