Jeb and Rubio Agree: Chiang Kai-Shek Was an Imaginary Mystical Warrior

Jay Hathaway · 10/29/15 12:25PM

When Marco Rubio became Florida’s Speaker of the House in 2005, Governor Jeb Bush welcomed him by bestowing upon him the sword of “Chang,” who Bush described as “a mythical conservative warrior.” It’s odd how mythology develops: Bush was almost certainly, if unwittingly, talking about Chiang Kai-Shek, the Chinese nationalist leader best known for losing a civil war to the Chinese Communist Party and retreating to Taiwan. Chiang was, notably, not democracy’s number-one fan.

Jeb Bush Should Become a Democrat

Alex Pareene · 10/29/15 09:31AM

If Jeb Bush became a Democrat, I’m not saying he’d win the nomination, let alone the presidency, but he’d have a better shot at either than he currently does in the Republican Party.

Jeb Bush Delivers Eloquent Speech on School Shootings: "Stuff Happens"

Andy Cush · 10/02/15 04:12PM

Jeb Bush, who try as he might just isn’t so great at the business of running for president, was at an event in South Carolina today, where he was asked about school shootings like the massacre in Oregon yesterday. The two-word key phrase at the center of his response: “Stuff happens.”