The Twitterati Ride a Train to Unemployment

Owen Thomas · 03/27/09 05:19PM

You know the media have fallen when former Star editorial director Bonnie Fuller can't get a car and driver. Also, another writer dude is newly unemployed! More vital information from the Twittersphere today:

The Twitterati Are Totally Losing It

Owen Thomas · 02/13/09 05:46PM

Today, a media elite replete with tweets thought about all the things they no longer have. And boy, did Wired's editor get mad at a Danish reporter! Also, food, food, and more food:

A Vile Day for the Twitterati

Owen Thomas · 01/14/09 11:59PM

Was it the sad news of Steve Jobs's ailments? Or just bad fish-oil capsules? Something was off in the Twittersphere today.