Gwyneth Paltrow Grows Salvia in Her Garden

Maureen O'Connor · 05/12/11 10:45AM

Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP garden plan raises eyebrows. Leo and Bar Rafaeli break up. Lindsay Lohan's probation report says she was secretly drunk this whole time. Thursday gossip catches Miley Cyrus' attention.

Divorce, Hollywood Style

Maureen O'Connor · 05/05/10 01:10PM

For two decades, Charlie Sheen's personal life has been a battlefield of bitter ex-wives, broken engagements, porn stars, hookers, drug-fueled orgies, and domestic discord. No wonder his prenup—which we revealed yesterday—is so obsessed with minimizing risk.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 07/02/09 06:34AM

Lindsay Lohan turns 23 today. Larry David is turning 62. Singer Michelle Branch is 26. High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale turns 24. The chairwoman of the New York City Opera, Susan Baker, is turning 59. Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist Richard Axel turns 63. Former New Hampshire governor John Sununu is 69. Former model Jerry Hall is 53. Retired baseball player José Canseco turns 45. And Imelda Marcos, the former First Lady of the Philippines, celebrates her 80th birthday today.

Levitra Wisely Finds Model Who Appeals To Older Men Only

Hamilton Nolan · 02/05/08 11:46AM

Jerry Hall, the former wife of Mick Jagger who once said "A woman needs to be a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom," is the new spokesperson for the erection-bestowing pill Levitra. Makes sense, because most men who would consider Jerry Hall to be a sex symbol are now of the age where some Levitra could come in handy. Hall herself needed another gig since her VH1 reality show "Kept," which consisted of her mulling over which of a dozen younger men would become her "boy toy," has been off the air since '05. And the eventual winner of the prize, official boy toy Seth Frye, won't be needing any Levitra; he said after the show, "I never even kissed Jerry. I wan't attracted to her at all. She was a little to old for me."