John McCain: One of the Senate's Seven 'Twitter Geniuses'

Adrian Chen · 08/19/10 09:51PM

Quick: What's the best way for a politician to broadcast short, nearly-incomprehensible missives to the world? No, it's not by hacking into Wolf Blitzer's teleprompter before The Situation Room. Twitter! Here are the seven scientifically-determined "Twitter geniuses" of the Senate.

Armed Flying Robots Coming Soon To Friendly American Skies

Jeff Neumann · 06/14/10 04:52AM

Unmanned drones are convenient: You can kill bad people from thousands of feet in the air without having to see the whites of their eyes, or track down the license plate number of a speeding car... let law enforcement decide!

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 02/02/10 06:38AM

Barry Diller turns 68 today. Christie Brinkley is turning 56 (not that she looks it). Former New York Post gossip columnist (and current contributor) Liz Smith is celebrating her 87th birthday. Colombia's most famous cultural export, Shakira, is turning 33 today. Sen. John Cornyn of Texas is 58. Broadway vet Elaine Stritch is turning 85. Food Network host Ina Garten is 62. Marissa Jaret Winokur (of Hairspray fame) turns 37. And Duane Chapman, who you probably know as "Dog the Bounty Hunter," turns 57 today.