Must The Office Be So Serious?

Alex Carnevale · 10/25/08 07:50AM

The Office still offers plenty of laughs, but a certain reckless need to humiliate the characters has been missing from the show lately. This week that will change when the show's Halloween episode will feature a Dark turn from office perv Creed. The full episode preview, along with the latest information on Angela and Andy's nuptials, comes after the jump.The show hasn't abandoned the pure torture of its characters entirely: it was depressing and sort of appropriate that we found out Pam's ex-fiance Roy now works at the Vitamin Store — but come on, you should see his employee discount. And yes, the developing chemistry between Michael Scott and his HR rep makes a place deep inside of us cry out in pain. But it's time the show's writers got back to doing what it is they do best: really screwing with these people until the viewer can no longer comfortably watch what occurs. The coming blessing of Angela and Andy's wedding website should hopefully signal a return to that form: