Ben Carson Is Black

Hamilton Nolan · 10/30/15 12:25PM

Jonah Goldberg, a Republican National Review columnist, is a white man. Do you think this means that he is not attuned to the nuances of race in America? You are wrong.

Vince Vaughn and Glenn Beck Are Making a Reality TV Show Together

Taylor Berman · 12/10/12 10:58PM

Last we heard from Glenn Beck, he was dunking Obama dolls in jars full of fake piss, all in the name of art. Well, now he's set his artistic goals even higher; the former Fox News troll is collaborating with Vince Vaughn on a new reality TV project. The show, called "Pursuit of Truth," will set 20 documentary filmmakers against each other for the prize of having their film, which will no doubt be taken seriously, financed and distributed. All nine of the show's episodes will air on Beck's network, The Blaze TV.

Jonah Goldberg Is a Bitch, and Other Observations on Armchair Threats

Hamilton Nolan · 05/11/12 09:12AM

Yesterday, former Gawkerer and current Salon writer Alex Pareene wrote a completely accurate and well-deserved knife-twisting takedown of Jonah Goldberg, the National Review's most youthful self-impressed hack. If you are unsure as to whether or not Jonah Goldberg is a hack, I encourage you to read Pareene's piece in full. Besides being a hack, we'd like to point out that Jonah Goldberg is also the most sniveling sort of armchair warrior bitch.

Congratulations to Jonah Goldberg on the Pulitzer Nominations He Received From Himself

John Cook · 05/09/12 11:14AM

Heavyset American Jonah Goldberg has a new book coming out about how the people he disagrees with are not merely wrong, but are also poisonous hateful cheaters and liars and fascists and tyrants. The dust jacket claims that Goldberg has "twice been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize," which is true in the sense that I am a three-time World's Greatest Dad nominee.

Watch a Nerd Get Revenge on His Ex-Girlfriend on C-SPAN2

Matt Cherette · 10/18/10 01:34PM

Todd Seavey is a contributor to Proud to be Right, Jonah Goldberg's new collection of conservative essays. Seavey's ex-girlfriend, Helen Rittelmeyer, is also a contributor. Recently, they both appeared on C-SPAN2's Book TV to discuss. That's when things got weird.

Jennifer Aniston Rumored Single Again

Ryan Tate · 03/12/09 04:28AM

Bad couple day: Robert Pattinson's Tina Fey lust would be inappropriate, except she started it; there's a conspiracy against the Rihanna-Chris Brown reunion; and John Mayer maybe dumped Jennifer Aniston.