Some Highlights From the Insane New Report About the Big-Dicked Murderer's Prison Break

Andy Cush · 06/06/16 04:55PM

It was exactly one year and one day ago that Richard Matt, the big-dicked murderer, may god rest his soul, escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility alongside his friend David Sweat, the murderer whose dick is of indeterminate size, pictured above. According to a scathing report state investigators released to mark the anniversary, Clinton guards made the two men’s escape much easier than it should have been.

Prison Worker Told Husband She Didn't Fuck Big-Dicked Murderer (Sure)

Taylor Berman · 06/23/15 08:48AM

The husband of Joyce “Tillie” Mitchell, the prison worker accused of helping two convicts escape prison earlier this month, said his wife did not have sex with the allegedly big-dicked murderer Richard Matt. Lyle Mitchell told Matt Lauer in an interview on TODAY this morning that his wife claims Matt (the murderer, not Lauer) tried to kiss her “a couple times” but that’s all. Sure buddy.

Reports: Prison Worker Wanted Escapees To Murder Her Husband

Jordan Sargent · 06/15/15 03:52PM

Joyce “Tillie” Mitchell, the prison employee who stands accused of facilitating the jailbreak of convicted murderers Richard Matt and David Sweat, is already in big trouble, but if new reports are correct, things may get way worse. According to several sources, Mitchell told police that Matt and Sweat planned to murder her husband immediately after their escape.

Reports: Bloodhounds Pick Up Scent of Escaped New York Murderers

Taylor Berman · 06/11/15 09:37AM

Bloodhounds have picked up the scent of the two convicted murderers who escaped from an upstate New York prison earlier this week, according to law enforcement officials who spoke with ABC News and CNN. The scent was detected in Dannemora, the town that houses Clinton Correctional Facility, and has reportedly has led authorities to an area where Richard Matt and David Sweat bedded down after their jailbreak.