cityfile · 10/31/08 09:58AM

Sarah Jessica Parker making phone calls last night at a Barack Obama campaign center ... Macaulay Culkin standing on the sidewalk ... Katie Holmes and Suri wearing matching orange dresses in Central Park ... Philip Seymour Hoffman walking in the West Village ... Ashley Olsen and Paul Rudd posing outside the Letterman show ... Tyra Banks getting some frozen yogurt ... Lindsay Price carrying her dog on the set of Lipstick Jungle ... Keira Knightley walking with her boyfriend, Rupert Friend ... Becki Newton on the set of Ugly Betty ... and Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon outside a Halloween party at Marquee.


cityfile · 10/29/08 11:26AM

Jessica Simpson heading out on the town after an event at Macy's ... Martin Scorsese outside the Waverly Inn ... Matthew Broderick walking in the Village with son James ... Keira Knightley and Guillaume Canet kissing on the set of their new movie in the Meatpacking District ... Katie Holmes holding an umbrella outside her East Village building ... Pink, Nick Carter, and A.J. McLean posing outside MTV ... America Ferrera and Becki Newton on the set of Ugly Betty ... Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman leaving their hotel ... Mandy Moore standing outside the Waverly Inn ... Marcia Cross posing for photos outside the Letterman show ... Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson arriving at JFK, then leaving Citrine after a night of partying.


cityfile · 10/27/08 08:51AM

Hilary Duff attending a charity event at Roberto Clemente Elementary School on East 4th Street ... Jessica Simpson leaving her hotel with her dog Daisy ... Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts walking on Lafayette Street with son Alexander ... Sarah Jessica Parker leaving an office building in Midtown ... Madonna leaving the Kabbalah Center with her kids ... Katie Holmes leaving her apartment in the East Village ... Tom Cruise leaving Matt Lauer's Friars Club roast at the Hilton in Midtown ... Pink walking in SoHo with her dad ... Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell leaving her hotel ... Taylor Momsen on the Gossip Girl set ... Keira Knightley on the set of her new film in SoHo ... and Tim Robbins playing roller hockey in the West Village.


cityfile · 10/20/08 10:07AM

Tom Cruise spending some quality time with Suri over the weekend... Katie Holmes leaving her building in sunglasses and a scarf ... Michelle Williams and daughter Matilda bundled up for a walk in Brooklyn ... Sarah Jessica Parker taking a stroll with her son and dog ... Mariah Carey getting out of a car at an event in Midtown ... Uma Thurman walking with boyfriend Arki Busson ... Alec Baldwin and Elvis Mitchell attending the Hamptons International Film Festival's Golden Starfish Awards ... and Keira Knightly standing on the set of her new movie in SoHo, and later snuggling up with her boyfriend Rupert Friend.

Sarah Jessica Parker Passes the 'Butter'

STV · 09/23/08 11:10AM

· Sarah Jessica Parker's long-refrigerated, "racially charged" drama Spinning Into Butter has finally found theatrical distribution after a nearly three-year wait, thus unleashing the imaginations of critics everywhere who will smirkingly suggest lower-calorie alternatives for their own sake. [THR] · Lexus TV will soon debut online with an original series starring Lisa Kudrow as a "nutty shrink." Matt LeBlanc will co-star as a luxury SUV bequeathed from a husband to his wife one snowy, magical Christmas morning. [THR] After the jump: Uni courts the 'Works, Keira does Zelda, and the NFL sacks the Emmys.· Universal and Disney are reportedly the last studios standing in the DreamWorks distribution sweepstakes — if that's what you call a pitiful 8% distribution fee. Even the friggin' tooth fairy pays better than 8%. [THR] · Contrary to rumors circulating Hollywood this morning, Kim Kardashian's accident-scene etiquette will not be the basis for the planned remake of Akira Kurosawa's classic Rashomon [Variety] · Keira Knightley will bravely roll the dice in a period film for a change, attaching herself to play the stroppy Zelda Fitzgerald in Nick Cassavetes's adaptation of The Beautiful and the Damned. [THR] · The Emmy hangover continues: Sunday night's NFL matchup outrated the Emmycast by more than 8 million viewers. Perhaps Al Michaels and John Madden can host next year. [Variety]

Police Brutality Strikes Keira, Kate and Dakota at the Box Office

STV · 09/19/08 11:00AM

Welcome back to Defamer Attractions, your official tastemaking Bible for everything new and noteworthy at the movies. The second week of the fall season offers another mixed harvest of Oscar bait, multiplex placeholders and indie hopefuls, none more eagerly anticipated than the historically skeevy Dakota Fanning 2.0 drama Hounddog. But we'll get to that momentarily, along with this week's worthwhile DVD releases and an all-call for your own recommendations. As always, our opinions are our own — in times like these, who really wants to share? WHAT'S NEW: The first genuine Oscar-chasing release of the fall, The Duchess will likely split its viewership between pro- and anti-Keira Knightley factions before anyone bothers to acknowledge its broader, bodice-ripping appeal. So yes, Team Knightley: She deftly portrays Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, the late-18th-century heroine with the bitterly controlling husband (Ralph Fiennes), the rabble-rousing side dish (Dominic Cooper) and a surfeit of corsted, pre-feminist longing. The star and the film are beautiful, the direction assured and the awards-season creds affirmed — particularly Fiennes', whose customary wretchedness as the Duke acquires a kind of fascinating tenderness with age. If anyone should be on the Oscar bubble (besides the art and costume crew, which are locks), it's him.Still, in limited release, Duchess isn't competing for any box-office glory; that distinction belongs to Lakeview Terrace, the not-entirely-miserable Neil LaBute thriller featuring Samuel L. Jackson as a sociopathic cop out to get the hot interracial couple next door (Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington). Against sturdy holdovers (Burn After Reading, The Family That Preys) and middling newbies (the Dane Cook slog My Best Friend's Girl, Ricky Gervais's leading-man debut Ghost Town), Lakeview will top out at $15.6 million. Cook will follow with $13.2 million; with half the screens and even less promotion, Ghost Town should still manage an even $6 million. Also opening: Ed Harris's old-old-school Western Appaloosa; Chris Smith's tiny, acclaimed Indian excursion The Pool; the gay-conversion melodrama Save Me; the wrenching immigrant day-in-the-life tale Take Out; and the Duchess-correcting, misogynist fantasia The Pink Conspiracy. THE BIG LOSER: You know, after we just predicted the Weinsteins would once again find their step in the multiplex, trust in Harvey to not only dump another subpar animated fairy tale on an unsuspecting public, but to essentially disown it. Such is Igor's lot, with its backers AWOL, its reviews tepid, and its voice talent (John Cusack, Molly Shannon, Steve Buscemi) trapped in a Straight-to-Flopz™ patchwork about a hunchback pursuing his dream of becoming a mad scientist. MGM is left to collect the grosses for this one, which won't break $5 million on 2,300 screens. Or, as they call it at Weinstein HQ, business as usual.


cityfile · 09/12/08 08:30AM

Marc Jacobs and boyfriend Lorenzo Martone kissing while eating outside at Pastis ... Liv Tyler walking in the Village with her son ... Andre Leon Talley walking with Venus Williams while wearing peep toe shoes ... Keira Knightley taking a stroll with a friend ... Diane von Furstenberg chatting with a group of women at a Fashion Week event ... Claire Danes and Jada Pinkett Smith posing for pics in the front row at Zac Posen's show ... Tobey Maguire being followed by paparazzi while jogging on the street uptown ... Natalie Portman walking under an umbrella on her way to the Rodarte show ... Heidi Klum en route to Bryant Park ... Tyra Banks standing outside and surrounded by fans ... Blake Lively striking a pose in Bryant Park ... Agyness Deyn looking like she's about to trip while making her way into the Kors show ... Goldie Hawn exiting a store ... Jessica Simpson leaving her uptown hotel en route to the Letterman show ... Eva Mendes going somewhere in a hurry ... Ricky Gervais standing on a street corner and talking to a woman ... and Lindsay Lohan leaving a party, followed closely behind by Samantha Ronson.

Posh's Kitchen Position, Dunst's 'Depression'

cityfile · 09/11/08 06:09AM
  • Gordon Ramsay says he's partnering with Victoria Beckham to open a restaurant in LA. Yes, a restaurant. Whether she'll actually taste any of the food served there is anybody's guess. [P6]

Keira Knightley and David Letterman Find In Each Other A Mixed Squatting Doubles Partner

Seth Abramovitch · 09/09/08 02:40PM

Keira Knightley dropped by the Late Show last night in the midst of the host's near Network-worthy televised meltdown about our doomed planet. To her credit, she managed to evade all the dark prophesying, and even remained chipper when Letterman forced her to address the one topic that follows her more tenaciously than a swarthy French Riviera paparazzo on a Vespa: her body. Whether she's being accused of being a fanorexic thinspiration, or suing over those accusations, or being entered by her own studio into a Wet Nightie Contest, or fighting off their one-sheet breast-enhancement attempts, it seems no body has endured more scrutiny than hers. Can you blame her for not wanting to squat on cue? [Late Show]


cityfile · 09/09/08 10:28AM

Petra Nemcova (left) taking a stroll through the Village after lunch at Da Silvano ... Sarah Jessica Parker leaving her townhouse in the West Village ... Jeremy Piven taking a walk downtown with a mystery blonde ... Whitney Port eating a salad with friends ... Uma Thurman walking down the front steps of her West Village townhouse ... Nicole Richie leaving Starbucks with baby Harlow, and later leaving her hotel en route to a dinner with Mary-Kate Olsen ... Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry going shopping at Calvin Klein ... Keira Knightley heading inside for a taping of the Charlie Rose Show ... Helena Christensen and Sofia Coppola arriving at Bryant Park for the Marc Jacobs show ... and Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham posing together for photos outside Marc's show before going to dinner.

Was It Something I Said?

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/08/08 03:05PM

The tension at the Toronto Film Festival press conference for the film The Duchess was so thick and juicy that it could be cut with a bread knife. When asked what it was like to work with her co-star Ralph Fiennes, Keira Knightley mistakenly called him "Ralph", instead of the preferred pronunciation "Rafe". Fiennes instantly began to sulk and slumped extremely low into his seat, at which point Knightley released an exasperated sigh. "If it bothers you so much, why don't you just change your name to Ocho Cinco?", she asked.

Are Things At Vogue As Bad As Keira Knightley Is Trying To Tell Us?

Moe · 08/18/08 04:09PM

We are certainly probably not the first bloggers to point out that Anna Wintour is (until November anyway; yes, Scorpio, duh) the same age Grace Mirabella was when she got canned. Of course, Grace hadn't built herself an entire stable of Vogue-branded titles! Of course, said stable is looking a liiiitle bit sickly: Teen Vogue lost its role on The Hills, Men's Vogue just lost a managing editor to the Journal glossy, and Mothership Vogue is looking thin in the only possible bad sense of that term this September, with the month's ad pages down 7% from last year — following on the the heels of four consecutive months being beaten out for ad pages by ELLE. (And many consecutive months of progressively more creepily Photoshopped covers.) Even the latest Vogue India looks less luscious than just a few months ago, though I am pretty sure Anna is not to blame for that! Any information that might enhance our Wintour Kremlinology? Email me.

Keira Knightley's Breasts Officially Unmarketable

STV · 07/28/08 04:35PM

After an intense period of debate, stroppy siren Keira Knightley has reportedly rejected Paramount Vantage's request to digitally enhance her breasts in publicity photos for its fall drama The Duchess. It's a devastating blow to what remains of the studio's thinning clout, what with pink slips subbing for napkins in the cafeteria, its Oscar legacy threatened by a genre-mediocrity torrent to come, and one of its biggest stars steadfastly refusing to be... well, one of its biggest stars. It's not like there's not precedent here, however. Follow the jump for more, including a glimpse at Knightley's previous brush with the 'brush.

Why Keira Knightley’s Newest Rival Will Never Be ‘The Next’ Pout-y Princess

Molly Friedman · 07/25/08 06:50PM

The Brits are always fond of reminding us of just how many stars they’ve discovered, sent our way, and watched dominate the last decade’s Best Actress Oscar pool. And Keira Knightley is certainly one of their most notable success stories. But as much as they love gushing over their own born-and-bred A-listers, whenever a newer, younger little Brit with potential comes along, they love yanking that shiny crown off the last pout-y superstar and placing it atop the unknown’s pretty-ish head. Which leads us to 16-year-old Georgia "The Next Kiera Knightley" Groome, the upcoming star of the irresistibly-titled Angus, Thongs, And Full-Frontal Snogging, hailed by The Daily Mail as Bridget Jones for teenagers. But after reading more about the film and its quirky dialogue (imagine a script co-written by Diablo Cody and Anthony Burgess), not to mention its leading lady’s disturbing ignorance on all things Johnny Depp-related, we came up with three reasons why Georgia will have a hard time filling Keira’s impossibly narrow shoes:1. The Script Makes Bend It Like Beckham Sound Like Shakespeare: Diablo may have been able to get away with now-sticky phrases like "Honest to blog" and "Phuket, Thailand!" thanks to the plucky work of Ellen Page. But take a gander of these cringe-worthy attempts to make the next "fetch" happen from Angus: "'Oh my giddygodspyjamas" (what she exclaims when she sees a boy she likes), "nunga-nunga holder" (bra) and "Vulgaria!" (the biggest put down). Call us nuts, but we find it hard to get on board with a star whose "As if>!"-esque breakthrough quote-worthy line includes any of the above. 2. Georgia Has No Cokepants Escapades Or Nudity Scandals In Her Future: As she tells the Mail, "I don't think I could handle all that fame and attention...Basically, I like living with my mum and dad, I like living at home, I like school and I'd miss all my friends.'" Oh dear. We're not sure an actress can even get her passport stamped on this side of the pond spouting that kind of saccharine wholesomeness. At least Keira busts out an F-bomb or twelve in nearly every interview she's given. 3. Anyone Who Dares To Neglect Johnny Depp's Pre-Pirates Career Is On Our Shit List: And we don't care how young they are. On the topic of Depp, Georgia gets all gooey-eyed and 'fesses to a crush (permissible), but goes on to say she didn't know who he was before she saw his Keith Richards impersonation in the swashbuckling blockbusters. In our world, that kind of talk is pure sacrilege, even for a 16-year-old.

Who Knew? The Top 10 Unlikely Vocal Performances From Non-Singing Actors

Seth Abramovitch · 07/16/08 07:00PM

In light of Pierce Brosnan's brave, warbling turn in Mamma Mia—as well as recent news that Kate Hudson would veer off the Bongo Romcom highway to explore the musical theater side roads in Rob Marshall's Nine—Defamer videologist Molly McAleer has compiled a countdown of 10 Classic Musical Crossover Performances. We've ordered these from least to most successful; some of these actors-who-sing are arguably better singers than they are actors, and have gone on to cut their own records. Some are clearly better actors than singers. And some should probably just give up both and become something sensible like a dental hygienist or insurance broker. We have no doubt you have your own strong opinions on notable omissions; feel free to post video in the comments.

Top Ten Worst Kissers In Hollywood: From The 'Icky' To The 'Sweaty' To Tongues That Taste Like 'Kitty Litter'

Molly Friedman · 06/25/08 07:00PM

We've already heard enough stars insisting that those sex scenes we find either major turn-ons (Mickey Rourke force-feeding Kim Basinger strawberries on the kitchen floor in 9 1/2 Weeks) or majorly eye-scarring (Heather Graham faking her way through grainy limo thrusts in Boogie Nights) are totally perfunctory while filming. With the massive crew surrounding them, the sudden lighting checks, and simple fact that they've gotta feign spontaneous heat take after take, we've leaned towards taking their word for it. And as it turns out, no matter how big the star or legendary their prowess in the bedroom, even simple kissing scenes with the most gorgeous A-listers around range from "awkward and sweaty" to "slightly icky and sort of wet." Where Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Harrison Ford, Leonardo DiCaprio and more rank on the list of Worst On-Screen Kissers after the jump.

Keira Knightley Doesn't Mind Stripping Down, But Are Those Body Parts Really Hers?

Molly Friedman · 06/20/08 03:55PM

Though she may not be among the top five searches on Mr. Skin, Keira Knightley just adores getting naked on screen. Discussing her upcoming Sienna Miller lovefest Edge Of Love, she tells People: "I always bare my breasts...It's not like it's only in this film!" Whoopee! Well, not so much. We took Keira up on her implied offer to review just how many times she's stripped down for the sake of The Craft, and have one primary question post-study: having exposed 26 (no, not a typo) cinematic naughty bits so far, are we so sure they really belong to her? NSFW evidence lies after the jump.

Keira Knightley And Sienna Miller Latest Stars To Jump On Lesbian Chic Bandwagon

Molly Friedman · 06/19/08 05:00PM

One of the only good things to come out of this year's The Other Boleyn Girl was a tough lesson in public relations for young actresses. As leading ladies Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson took their quasi-lesbian chic press tour from S&M magazine covers to poufy-lipped faux-kisses on red carpets, the period piece will sadly be remembered only for those posters shoving Scarlett’s mushy cleavage in America’s collective face. But the British version of Nat/ScarJo is still trying ever so hard to emulate the strategy, getting cheeky at film festivals, hugging one another just this shy of arousingly, and yes, even copying the original pair’s near-miss-kiss in public. Some visual examples, and why this admittedly less voluptuous and curvy duo may succeed where the corset-strapped Boleyns failed, after the jump.