Oscar Sound Mixer Smackdown II: Team 'Apocalypto' Responds

mark · 02/28/07 03:39PM

If going back and reviewing the press room video of Dreamgirls' Best Sound Mixing Oscar sore-winner Michael Minkler's shocking backstage sneak attack on record-setting, 19-time also-ran Kevin O'Connell fails to convince you that the whole thing wasn't actually some kind of straight-faced joke between below-the-line frenemies (as we were secretly hoping it was, because that was some cold shit), the angry and frustrated response that O'Connell's Apocalypto partner Greg P. Russell gave to should remove all doubts about Minkler's intentions when he said that his colleague was an "OK mixer" who should "take up another line of work." Prepare for things to get even uglier:

Oscar FeudWatch: Sound Mixer Smackdown!

mark · 02/27/07 02:20PM

It seems fitting that in an Oscars ceremony utterly devoid of surprises, drama, or any moment more compelling than Clint Eastwood's wife offering her nominated husband's dejected manhood a consoling pat-down, the only potential controversy would unfold backstage, and between warring below-the-line factions weary from their unglamorous battle in a hotly contested Best Sound Mixing awards race. THR notes the odd post-victory smackdown directed at Lucciesque Apocalyto also-ran Kevin O'Connell by Dreamgirls winner Michael Minkler, who indicated that The Streak was stealing the spotlight from his team's achievement: