Face It, the Transformers Have Won

Richard Lawson · 07/05/11 09:51AM

Fireworks weren't the only things exploding this weekend, as Michael Bay's latest disaster trundled into theaters and connected big-time. Meanwhile, two oldsters sputtered out and three youngsters fared just OK.

What's Opening in Theaters This Weekend

Richard Lawson · 07/01/11 06:10PM

Well, it's the biggest holiday weekend of the summer and hopefully you're headed off to some lake or beach or house in the woods to celebrate the old-fashioned way. If not, go to a movie. There are robots! And Julia Roberts!

Tom Hanks Talking About His Ass in 'Man Spanx' Is Creepy

Brian Moylan · 06/21/11 02:15PM

While talking about Old People in Love, the new movie he stars in with Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks told Access Hollywood host/animated pool of spray-tan liquid Billy Bush that he used "man Spanx" for a scene that featured his butt in his underwear. This is not a polite subject of conversation!

Larry Crowne: America's Sweethearts, In Love at Last

Richard Lawson · 03/16/11 01:15PM

Here's a trailer for Larry Crowne, the romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks, who also directed and co-wrote. While these two-biggest-American-movie-stars have been on screen together, in Charlie Wilson's War, this is their first time smooching and falling in love. America is healed?