Shock: Celeb's Galpal Secret Scenester

Pareene · 03/28/08 09:41AM

You may think that George Clooney's girlfriend Sarah Larson is an innocent sweetheart, on account of how she is a former cocktail waitress now dating a rich celebrity with a few years on her, but you'd be wrong. Star tracked down secret photos that expose the real Sarah Larson as a girl who got drunk and wore bikinis. Amusingly, the photos are from Merlin Bronques' hiptard party/porn site, Last Night's Party. The real shame here is that George Clooney is dating a Blue States Lose target. [Star]

Media Jews Violate Kosher At Spotted Pig

Nick Denton · 02/25/08 08:25PM

Pictured here, New York's Adam Moss, host of the Oscars party the magazine threw at the Spotted Pig, before ab-obsessed Dave Zinczenko unbuttoned his shirt. Moss, who used to run New York Times' Sunday magazine, is one of the most high-minded of modern editors. Which makes the magazine's web triumph last week all the more disturbing. New York claims 20m pageviews per day for the arty nudes it ran of drunken starlet, Lindsay Lohan. (Yes, jealous.) Moss says the traffic is "addictive". He's joking, for the moment. But wait. (In this week's New York sex diaries, an S&M-loving comedian.) After the jump, lovingly photographed by Gawker's Nikola Tamindzic: Emily Gould; Julia Allison; Alan Cumming and other British luvvies' media gays displaying affection; "Smash" from Friday Night Lights; Marlo's enforcer from cult HBO show, The Wire; and Jews eating piglet.

Sheila · 11/01/07 08:20AM

Which hipster-nightlife photographer totally named Merlin Bronques threw a major hissy fit in front of the elevators at the incredibly boring Shindig party last night? "What the fuck is your problem," he shrieked, violently jabbing the 'down' button. "I told you to hold the fucking door for me!" Dude. It's just Halloween. ("Last Night's Party is so not even cool anymore," muttered a girl in the elevator. Harsh!)

Blue States Ooze

abalk2 · 11/01/06 03:50PM

Voice gadabout Tricia Romano takes on this new-fangled photoblogging phenomenon, which has

Last Night's Party on Last Week's Fleshbot

Chris Mohney · 10/02/06 10:30AM

If you find yourself whimpering with withdrawal at the knowledge that you have to wait a full week for another Blue States Lose, consider this the hipster-photo equivalent of scraping out the tar from inside the pipe, just to get you to the next fix. Epicenter of naughtiness Fleshbot has exclusive preview boobie pics from Merlin Bronques's Last Night's Party book. Absolutely NSFW — expect prodigious udders and fondling of same — but then, you knew all that already.