Liger Cub Being Raised by Dog

Max Read · 05/24/11 07:07PM

What on earth could be cuter than a pair of baby ligers (the product of a Manchurian tiger mother and African lion father)? What about... those ligers being raised by a dog, alongside two of her own pups? This particular adorable multispecies family hails from the Xixiakou Wildlife Zoo in Shangdong, China. Unfortunately, two other liger cubs died of malnutrition after being rejected by their mother, but their siblings are apparently on the road to health, thanks to their adoptive mother.

Is There Anything That Milk Cannot Do?

Hamilton Nolan · 04/04/11 04:15PM

Meteorite robbers! Food dyes! Cow people milk! Formaldehyde life! Monarch butterflies! Lion variations! Breast milk oncology! And bitter autism failure! It's your Monday Science Watch, where we watch science—creamily!

Here's a Guy Cuddling with His Two Pet Lions

Matt Cherette · 03/14/11 09:23PM

Just in case your Monday hasn't been cute—and subconsciously terrifying—enough, here's a minute and a half of a guy cuddling with his two pet cats. Oh, did I mention that the cats are lions? Because, yeah, they are.

The Lions Club

Jeff Neumann · 12/18/10 02:53PM

The Smithsonian's National Zoo in DC today unveiled seven adorable new lion cubs, and the AP was there to document their big debut.

Circus Trainer Attacked by Pride of Lions

Matt Cherette · 10/05/10 01:01PM

If you need a reminder that wild animals are, in fact, wild, here it is. Watch as a pride of lions at Ukraine's L'viv Circus attack their helpless trainer—who survived, thankfully—during a recent routine gone awfully, horribly awry.

Shep Smith Makes Light of a Lion-On-Human Attack

Dan Grappone · 09/08/10 04:20PM

Today Shep talked with Drew Ellis about the footage she and her husband captured while on their honeymoon in Vegas. Shep's quip regarding the lion attack at the conclusion of the segment seamlessly leads into news on floods in Texas.

Actual Ligers Exist in Real Life

Whitney Jefferson · 08/17/10 11:45AM

Two baby liger cubs were just recently born in a zoo in Taiwan. While a cross between tigers and lions are cute and would make Napolean Dynamite happy, the unethical nature is cause for concern for wildlife experts everywhere.

Lion Cubs Are The Cuteness

nightintern · 05/28/10 09:30AM

This lion cub is incredibly cute, running around outside and stalking his parents. But, he isn't cute enought to avoid a little smackdown from Dad.

Lion Cubs Are The Cuteness

Allison Oldfather · 12/07/09 10:30AM

This lion cub is old enough to run around outside, but not too old to get a smackdown from Dad.

Lunatic Lives with Lions

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 12/01/09 04:30PM

Kevin Richardson lives among his animal friends on his private wildlife preserve near Johannesburg. Though his methods are gentle and his interactions seem playful, one can't help but think of it all turning tragic, with narration by Werner Herzog.