Alec Baldwin Thinks of CNBC as a Dating Service

John Cook · 01/04/10 02:46PM

On the next season of 30 Rock, Jack Donaghy will have a fling with a right-wing CNBC talking head. On the last season of Alec Baldwin's mixed-up life, he hit on this real right-wing CNBC talking head. Art imitates life!

Moby: Lothario, Alcoholic, Special White Man

Hamilton Nolan · 04/07/08 08:23AM

Moby, the beep-boop musician who unfortunately can't stop talking about himself, speaks to Salon today in that very particularly grating way that only Moby can. His formula, I'm figuring out, is to vigorously agree with every insult you throw his way, then go off on tangents about how, hey, he's not like all the other yuppies who act exactly how he acts, because of his revolutionary sympathies against our white male-dominated society. Then, speak much too openly about his own sexuality and personal problems. He follows this pattern today, reminiscing that "When I was DJing in the late '80s, more often than not I'd be the only white person in the club, and I found that strangely comforting." You'll surely have that gay minority child one day, Moby! So, please tell us more than we want to know about your sex life now!