Teacher Accused of Boinking His Student Claims His Cat Opened the Lube

Aleksander Chan · 02/27/15 02:32PM

Richard Hovan, a 33-year-old former prep school teacher, is accused of having sex with his 16-year-old student. The two were apparently discovered in 2011 by Hovan's now ex-fiancé, who snapped a photo of the two in flagrante delicto, an open bottle of lube on the table. Hovan testified in Manhattan Supreme Court this week that he couldn't have possibly opened the bottle of lube—but his cat might have. "My cats open the fridge, they open the cabinet, all of those things. I don't know," Hovan said.

Oh Yes We Read You Loud And Clear Baby

Hamilton Nolan · 03/18/09 10:27AM

Flackery: "K-Y® Brand INTENSE™ a female arousal gel scientifically shown to enhance female pleasure." Okay. "I hope you may be interested in trying and giving away [the product]". That's more like it! Slutty.

Bravo TV Provides A Historic Solution To All Your Anal Lubricant Needs

nickm · 07/03/08 03:25PM

It's no secret that Bravo is a gay friendly network. They've got Kathy Griffin, Project Runway (at least for a little while longer) and shows about people getting their hair did. Plus, who could forget about their great big sexy bear, Mr. Tom Colicchio? But if you happened to tune into Bravo on Monday night, you may have bore witness to an historic milestone: The first ever gay personal lubricant ad to appear on television! Check out the video after the jump.