Microsoft's New $300 Million Strategy: Random YouTube People

Hamilton Nolan · 10/29/08 08:51AM

Everyone is basically in agreement that the advertising market next year is going to suck—even your precious internet ads! So I guess it's appropriate that Microsoft's $300 million ad campaign, which started out with such an ineffective burst of star power, has now been reduced to using videos submitted by you, the idiot consumers. This is all part of a grand strategy by a brilliant ad agency and not at all a harbinger of Microsoft getting its ass handed to it on a national stage, okay?

Seinfeld, Bill Gates Waste 90 Seconds Not Talking About Microsoft

Hamilton Nolan · 09/05/08 11:43AM

Less than two weeks after Microsoft confirmed that it had picked the Mac-loving Jerry Seinfeld as its new endorser, this ad with Seinfeld and Bill Gates is everywhere. And it is awful. I mean, it's kind of engaging to see this half-billionaire comedian kicking it in a shoe store with the many-billionaire Microsoft nerd-in-chief; but up until the final seconds, I was convinced this was an ad for Payless. And I may be stupid, but I'm still your target audience, Microsoft. Surely Sarah Silverman and Willie Nelson will be a bit more techno-centric. Watch what $10 million can buy, after the jump:

Williamsburg Residents Getting Their iMacs Stolen Left and Right

Sheila · 02/25/08 05:28PM

There's been a spate of robberies in the post-collegiate hipster paradise neighborhood of Williamsburg, reports the Brooklyn Paper. We noticed that much of the stolen booty was Apple-related, and graphed it out for further analysis. Out of all computers stolen, 78% were Macs. Click on the thumbnail to see our pie chart!